Anglo Chinese School (Independent) boys are “rich, spoilt, pampered, arrogant players”.

ITE students are “gangsters/ah-bengs” who are “uneducated”.

Nanyang Girls and Hwa Chong students are elite school students who still have to “take public transport like the rest of us”.  

It’s not uncommon to see such trolls and even nastier ones on Twittersphere. Many of them reflect the stereotypical thinking that some teen Singaporeans might have about those of different academic calibre and socio-economic classes.  

Is there at least a grain of truth in the mean tweets? How can we cope if we are the targets of mean tweets? Should we contribute more mean tweets to the Internet?

The UrbanWire had 3 pairs of students to give their take after reading aloud mean tweets about each other.   Catch them in this video:

 * This video is inspired by American TV host Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” series, which aims to ridicule the ugliness and cowardice of keyboard warriors that thrive on spreading hate.