Let’s admit it, we’ve all probably found ourselves grooving to the catchy tunes of “All About That Bass” or “Lips Are Moving” at some point in time. Best known for breaking the stereotype of the “perfect” body image, Meghan Trainor took to the stage at the The Coliseum Hard Rock Hotel Sentosa on April 23 for the Singapore leg of her first world tour.

Eager fans continuously chanted for the breakout pop star to make her appearance as her band took their places on stage. The lights dimmed and the cheers of her mostly pre-teen fans filled The Coliseum. A single spotlight shone on Trainor and the crowd went wild. Dressed in a black three quarter-sleeved shirt and shimmering golden skirt, Trainor kicked off her concert with her chart-topping single, “Dear Future Husband”.

“Put your hands up if you’re feeling beautiful,” encouraged Trainor and almost unanimously, the crowd cheered and raised their hands.

Prior to her debut appearance in Singapore, Trainor had been on her first headline North American tour, accompanying the release of her highly anticipated debut album, Title.


Constantly engaging the crowd, Trainor’s stage presence was addictive. She pranced across the stage and busted out dance moves, never failing to respond to the crowds’ proclamations of admiration.

Toning down the glitz and glamour of her previously upbeat performances of “Mr Almost” and “No Good For You”, Trainor played an acoustic rendition of “Title” with a ukulele, accompanied by her guitarist on an acoustic guitar.

Trainor also demonstrated that she’s definitely no stranger to helping people feel good about themselves. Yelling out to the crowd, she asked: “Who here tonight feels like a queen?” And cheers rang out as the crowd once again raised their hands in unison.


“We have a very special queen here tonight,” Trainor said as she escorted a lucky fan, whose birthday coincided with the show’s date, onto the stage. Trainor danced with the birthday girl and also took selfies with her star-struck fan before “crowning” her a queen.

The cherry on top of the perfect night was definitely the six-time platinum anthem and sadly, final song, “All About That Bass”. Yes, the song that topped the Billboard Hot 100 charts for eight weeks. The instant hit also skyrocketed Trainor to success when it became the longest running No 1 hit to be released by Epic Records.


Although standing amidst a bunch of very excited kids felt a little out of place, her beloved fans, aka her Megatrons, definitely looked like they had a great time. From their ear-shattering screams to the almost religious singing along with every song, the Megatron community sure came through for their idol.

This might have been her first performance in Singapore, but Trainor certainly didn’t disappoint. Effortlessly connecting with the audience and singing her heart out on stage, she definitely delivered a memorable concert with her soulful tunes, whilst giving encouraging words to her fans in between songs. And who could forget the way she moved that booty on stage?

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Set List:

1. Dear Future Husband
2. Mr. Almost
3. Credit
4. No Good for You
5. Title
6. Walkashame
7. Queen
8. Close Your Eyes
9. 3am
10. Like I’m Gonna Lose You
11. Bang Dem Sticks
12. Uptown Funk (dance cover)
13. My Selfish Heart
14. Lips Are Movin

15. What If I
16. All About That Bass

Photos courtesy of Lushington Entertainment