Concert Review: MTV World Stage 2015

With a bigger crowd than before and more acts featured than in previous years, MTV World Stage 2015. With a good mix of genres and acts not dominated by males, we have to say that we really enjoyed the night.

Carly Rae Jepsen‘s first performance in Malaysia was proof of Jepsen’s adorable behavior. Amidst fireworks and strobing lights, Jepsen gave it all at MTV World Stage, and she thought she’d get scared mid-show by the sparks shooting around her, but she belted out her songs in perfection.

Despite the thick haze that blanketed Kuala Lumpur, the loyal fans of A-Pink, Sekai No Owari, Carly Rae Jepsen and Jason Derulo were all eager to see their favorites performing at the MTV World Stage.

When the biggest crowd World Stage has ever seen was finally allowed to enter the concert venue, their excitement was tangible.


Packed into Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon, the 20,000 strong crowd waited for the first act to take the stage.When the VJs, Alan and Hanli, finally ran on stage to kick things off, the atmosphere was positively electric.

Starting the night, MTV’s fan-voted #mostwanted act opened World Stage with a power packed song. Stacy, a Malaysian songstress and dancing queen, belted out a strong start with Not For Sale. Her one-song set, featuring Altimet, was full of explosive dance moves, pyrotechnics and had Stacy owning the stage as she strutted around. Despite not really knowing her prior to the concert, we loved the energy she gave off and were disappointed when she left the stage after just one number.


Following Stacy was the Japanese creator group, Sekai No Owari. The band entered the stage in matching costumes (inspired by The Clockwork Orange) and quickly started on their first song. While a slight breeze helped cool things down for us, we’re sure the stage was sweltering from all the stage lights. But that didn’t stop the lead singer, Satoshi Fukase, from wearing a huge fur coat onto the stage.


Starting with their song from the anime movie, Attack on Titan, Sekai No Owari completely blew the crowd away. From the sudden appearance of Saori Fujisaki’s accordion to Satoshi’s impeccable English, needless to say that we are now fans of the End of The World (that’s what their name literally means).

There was a tangible change in the atmosphere when avid fans of A-Pink screamed the house down as the Korean girl group appeared. Beginning with their effort in greeting the crowd with carefully-enunciated phrases in English and Malay, the 6 Korean ladies in matching all-white outfits, danced, sang and charmed their way into the hearts of the sea of fans waving balloons and lights in shades of pink.


The next 2 artistes really made the concert a ‘world’, rather than Asian, stage. The ever-adorable Carly Rae Jepsen claimed the stage and launched into a set of songs from both her new album, E·MO·TION; and Kiss. Dressed in a floaty dress, Jepsen danced across the stage and had as much fun as the audience.


It goes without saying that everyone was singing along to her iconic Call Me Maybe, and the newest earworm, I Really Like You. But the energy rose to its peak when the opening notes of Tonight I’m Getting Over You started. Needless to say, Jepsen got the hearts of the audience pumping.

After a fun-filled performance of I Really Like You, Jepsen cleared the stage to make way for the last artiste of the night. We dare say he was the most anticipated act of the night.


But not only did he have the longest set, with 13 songs, but Jason Derulo also needed the longest time for the stage to be set up for his set. But with Derulo’s insane charisma and crowd-hyping prowess, his time on stage was one of the most enjoyable.

From older songs like Ridin’ Solo (that he opened with a great pick-up line), to his latest single, Want to Want Me, Derulo brought his A-game and sent the crowd into frenzy. He delivered a mix of brilliant choreography, music and his signature falsetto notes. We’d never seen Derulo live before (because he cancelled his only live gig in Singapore in 2012) , and now we can’t wait to see him on stage again.


The hours spent at Surf Beach were energetic with a healthy dose of collective audience anticipation and temporary deafness. The experience was well worth the trip to KL and was a joy despite the haze that threatened to choke out the fun. Plus – how often would we get to see artistes from 5 different countries come together on the same stage?


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Set List:


  • Not For Sale feat. Altimet

Sekai No Owari

  • Anti Hero
  • Mr Heartache
  • Death Disco
  • SOS
  • Dragon Night


  • No No No
  • Mr Chu
  • LUV
  • Remember

Carly Rae Jepsen

  • Runaway With Me
  • Emotion
  • Tonight I’m Getting Over You
  • Boy Problems
  • Your Type
  • Let’s Get Lost
  • All That
  • Call Me Maybe
  • I Really Like You

Jason Derulo

  • In My Head
  • Wiggle
  • Trumpets
  • The Other Side
  • Marry Me
  • Whatcha Say
  • Ridin’ Solo
  • It Girl
  • Cheyenne
  • Breathing
  • Don’t Wanna Go Home
  • Talk Dirty
  • Want to Want Me
  • Pull Up