Named Our Korner, the contemporary bar-restaurant located at the corner of Ann Siang Hill is all about keeping up with the growing ‘indie’ café culture within our small nation, with other popular establishments such as P.S. Café within the vicinity. Don’t be intimidated by its slightly business-like ambience, you’ll have forgotten by the first mouthful. Drop by for a taste of a few local favourites with an unexpected twist, or chill outdoors by the patio with a drink from the indoor bar.

Who hasn’t heard of local favourites such as Laksa and Chilli Crab? When you add Clam Chowder and Linguine to the equation, one can’t help but draw a big mental question mark.

So we began by experimenting with the Laksa Clam Chowder ($14). Served in a focaccia bread bowl, the hearty soup drizzled with truffle oil instantly registers as deliciously creamy, with a coconut aftertaste that is reminiscent of laksa. Unlike the overwhelmingly chunky chowders, the delightfully light flavours of this one urge you to down the whole bowl, literally.

For starters, expect to fork out a rather hefty sum of around $15. The ideal chicken wing has crisp brown skin coating the juicy and tender meat. The Oriental Chicken Wings ($16) served with a homemade spicy sauce, is marinated with 14 herbs and spices that give it an unexpected fragrance. Together with the pan-fried Spicy Garlic Prawns ($16), the appetisers have accomplished their task of getting your appetite geared up for what’s to come.

The 7-inch Curry Chicken Pizza ($12) really stood out for me, as literally as the golden brown fries did – poking through the cheesy curried mix atop a thin crust. Each bite tastes of a slightly spicy homemade curry chicken dish mixed in with crispy bread and a whole lot of chewy cheese. The curry powder taste stands out, but is mellowed with the melted cheese topping that doesn’t overwhelm.

If that wasn’t enough of a stunner, the Chilli Crab Linguine ($25) adds to the list of combinations that work. The sauce is a slightly spicy tomato base with generous portions of crabmeat. A tempura-battered soft shell crab and poached egg add the finishing touches. The poignant crab essense stands out after your first bite, but the dish doesn’t entirely strike you as the traditional Chinese Chilli Crab dish, more so as a zesty tomato-based sauce with crabmeat.

Sate your palette with your choice of desserts. The chocolate lovers can have the Nutella Chocolate Tart ($14) while the Pear Tart ($12) serves as a milder alternative, with slices of poached pear laid over a thin spread of almond cream and a light crust. The flat slice of tart doesn’t distinctly taste of pear, rather a sweet pastry as a whole, but light enough to complement your meal.

The interior of the restaurant was designed in line with the natural architecture of The Scarlet hotel, giving the room a hexagonal shape (as seen in the coasters, upholstery and menu), and the overall concept drew upon the layout of the room to create an edgy and sharp aesthetic . What better way to add to the cosiness than have Michael Bublé’s crooning and smooth jazz playing over the speakers?

Photos courtesy of Noel Teo & Our Korner.

Our Korner would be the place to seek out an innovative take on local favourites or organize a get-together with friends, for a drink or two. Although people are, for the most part, weary of the idea of fusion food as it can get a little too quirky, this restaurant hits the mark and the generous portions are definitely worth the dollar.

Address: The Scarlet, 33 Erskine Road, Singapore 069333
Telephone: 6511 3323
Opening hours:

  • Mon – Thu, 7am – 1am
  • Fri – Sat, 7am – 2am
  • Sun, 7am – 1am

Rating: ★★★★✩
Price rating: $$-$$$