The second installation of OverTime LOL! Wednesdays saw The Noose stars Chua Enlai and Judee Tan cause a mad, guffaw-inducing ruckus at the bar. The partners in crime took the stage at about 9.30 pm, after 2 other local comedians got the crowd nice, toasty and a little brown on the sides.

Host Noris was, as usual, in all his flamboyant glory and making sure the Overtimers had a good time in between sets.
Comedian Vernon pointed out the flaws of stereotyping and did a hilarious impression of how his over-dramatic grandfather, a pastor, would teach someone how to flip burgers.
Shahrul shared the woes of being an unmarried Indian woman with humorous examples from her own life.
Enlai and Judee declared themselves our National Complain Ambassadors, having a dig at Singaporeans’ favourite past time: complaining.
Enlai’s uncanny impression of President Tony Tan.
If you weren’t going to laugh at her jokes, at least give Judee credit for her face-pulling. We’re so convinced it’s made of rubber.
Political jokes were aplenty with these two, both wearing white. Get it?

The night was chock-a-block full of political digs, making it seem like an unrated version of the television series they’re so popular for. The best thing about these 2 was the fact that they were so comfortable with one another, feeding off each other’s energies and unafraid to laugh at themselves.

Their feel-good vibe was infectious, and the chill OverTime atmosphere truly enhanced that. While we were busy laughing with (and sometimes AT) the comedians, we were also rather pre-occupied stuffing ourselves with a sizeable portion of Overtime’s food and drink menu.

Because OverTime just seems perfect for the post-work individual looking for a put-your-feet-up break with his or her colleagues, the portions served were in rather large amounts. Unless you’re overly ravenous, most of the food here is definitely meant to be shared.

The Crunchy Pork came in bite-sized pieces, with a dip that had a strangely familiar taste. The vinegar tang mixed with chilli brought Chicken Rice to the mind, and this revelation made us enjoy the dish that much more.

The dish was priced at $15 and the skin of the pork was nicely crisp, and made an interesting contrast to the juicy meat.

When it arrived at our table, we stared at the Prawn Crackers for a while.

“Is that…vadai?” our photographer asked. But before we could properly evaluate the external nature of the dish, one of our editors had already begun attacking the deep-fried tofu that came with it.

It wasn’t vadai by the way, but a slimmer, crispier variant of the pasar malam favourite. It came with a sweet-chilli sauce dip that compensated the mild blandness of the tofu and gave the crackers a bit of a kick.

The Prawn Crackers were priced at $10.
Comes with deep-fried tofu!

But if you’re looking for a meal that’s less of the finger-food variety, Overtime also offers hearty entrées. The Stir Fried Louh Syu Fan is apparently a crowd-pleaser, and we understood why as soon as it was set on our table.

The portion was quite generous, and there were all kinds of seafood peeking out from the silver noodles. The dish was tasty, and a decent competitor to the ones you’d find at your local hawker centre. What’s different about OverTime’s Louh Syu Fan was that it was nestled amongst a bed of shredded cabbage that neutralized the slight oiliness that can come with stir-fry.

The Stir Fried Louh Syu Fan was priced at $10.

Photos courtesy of Joel Lee, Klix Photography.

We don’t know about you, but we like our fried food washed down with a mug of cold beer. OverTime’s house brand, Starker beer, was just the kind of fresh goodness that we needed sliding down our throats. The beers come in Lager or Aromatic, and have a strict 7-day shelf life policy to guarantee freshness. If you’re in a caring and sharing mood, or if you just really, really like beer, OverTime serves the German pour in whole kegs as well.

OverTime LOL! Wednesdays’ last session is on Oct 19. It’s Irene Ang this time round! So if you’re in dire need of some knee-slapping fun, bring a few pals, share a barrel of Starker and just take it easy.

OverTime is located at Blk 18, 18E Dempsey Road, Singapore 249677.

The Oktoberfest Celebration has a promotion for  Starker beer till Oct 31.