What makes an application (app) go viral? In 2015, it’s all about living out your unfathomable dreams and capturing random moments in your life. Presented in a short clip lasting no longer than a minute, social media is the ultimate trigger to the creation of these apps. If you simply enjoy watching others unravel their unique personalities on various social platforms, keep your eyes peeled as UrbanWire uncovers 3 free apps guaranteed to satisfy your inner hedonist.

1. My Idol

My Idol

Having taken the world by storm, My Idol or 小偶 – 我的3D萌偶 is a Chinese app by Huanshi Ltd that lets you transform an uploaded selfie into your 3D-avatar doppelgänger.

The most attractive feature of this app is the commendable face recognition and highly realistic view of yourself in every angle, which you wouldn’t be able to get a proper view of even if you spent an entire day in front of the mirror.


Made for those who fancy a good laugh and a little procrastination, My Idol can be highly addictive at first, but without constant graphic updates, it may not suffice as sustainable entertainment.

Download: http://www.faceii.com

While you’re at it, check out these priceless user compilations:


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2. DubSmash

dubsmashLaunched in Germany late last year and already a smashing hit worldwide, DubSmash is a video sharing app that lets users lip-sync to sounds from more than 33 genres. Users can upload the sounds of their choice or select from others’ uploads.

Mastering the art of creating a satisfyingly good DubSmash video is the most appealing aspect of using the app. When it comes to reenacting scenes, the extensity of facial expressions make or break your video. So, go all out! Bring on your “derpiest” faces and don’t hesitate to share  your masterpieces with everyone.


Other than its limited selection of emojis, DubSmash will be an ongoing sensation as long as the trend of dubbing holds good in time to come.

Download: http://www.dubsmash.com

Check out these compilations with the hashtag #dubsmashonpoint and see if you are on par:


Even kids can do it!

However, the art of lip-syncing has never been that easy. Check out this hilarious #dubsmashfail:

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3. Riff (Facebook)

RiffReleased in April this year, Riff is Facebook’s first video-sharing app inspired by viral videos like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the Harlem Shake.

Users can create any topic of their choice or choose to add on their own videos to existing threads. All in a 20-second video, the app hopes to capture creativity and innovation in life, with the aim of seeding videos that will eventually go viral.

Although relatively new and lacking in video editing options, it’s still a great platform for unique ideas. It offers a captivating look at how under a similar thread shared by different individuals, things can be perceived contrastingly.


Download: Android    iPhone

Check out this introductory Riff video by Gadget Hacks to see how it works:

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If you need to spice up your day-to-day experience of using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, these 3 apps may just do the trick.

Have you downloaded any of these phone apps in 2015 yet? Comment below and share your experiences with us!