Movie Review: Pitch Perfect 2


So, are you ready to be pitch-slapped? Although 2 trailer videos and several teaser clips for were released weeks before, there’s still plenty left for fans. Two hours of spectacular musical numbers, inappropriate jokes and mind-blowing talent a-plenty, from both the original cast and the new additions. However, everything else is bland.

One-upping the first movie, the musical numbers are bigger and better with props and fireworks. But spoiler alert! It doesn’t really work out well for the charming Barden Bellas.


The movie opens with the Bellas performing for the United States’ President’s birthday, with Barack and Michelle Obama themselves making a cameo in the scene. He’s impressed by the Bella’s explosive performance up until Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) has a mishap while dangling over the stage and flashes her lady parts for all to see.

And thus we have Gail (Elizabeth Banks) and John (John Michael Higgins) giving the Bellas the news that they’ve been suspended from performing and taking in new members. Now the Bellas are left with one option: win the World Championships of A Capella or never be reinstated. It’s a feat that they think Bellas will never accomplish because no American team has ever won.


The championship in Copenhagen, which is only featured in the last 20 minutes of the movie, features the ever-popular Pentatonix (who will be in Singapore again!) in a montage with the other competitors, including the punnily named Indian team: Naan Stop.

But Gail and John’s commentary during the championship raised our ire due to the myriad of racist jokes – “no one cares about the Koreans right?” It’s something distasteful, especially for a film with an international audience.


The majority of Pitch Perfect 2 focuses on Beca sneaking off for her internship at a record company, where she produces and really shows off her singing chops (like in Into The Woods). Kommissar (Birgitte Hjort Sørensen), from the German rival team, Das Sound Machine (DSM), also constantly flusters her.

The powerful rival team literally towers over the Bellas and performs with infallible synchronicity. For some reason, their wardrobe only consists of black fishnets, but no one is complaining about seeing Pieter‘s (Flula Borg) muscles. A highlight of the movie, DSM’s style differs vastly from the Bellas and Treblemakers. Their EDM sound is a breath of fresh air amongst all the pop tones.


The introduction of Emily Junk (Hailee Steinfeld) is quite a surprise. Although she’s one of the Bellas on the posters, the trailers barely showed her. But don’t write her off just yet, because Hailee’s voice shines when she performs Jessie J’s Flashlight (repurposed in this movie as an original song). But Hailee’s acting feels one-dimensional and we’re not sure if that’s simply the result of her character’s behavior.


Although the movie lacks a storyline, with the plot getting lost between characters. It’s wildly entertaining with numerous hilarious one-liners and sex jokes that had the whole cinema roaring with laughter. There’re moments between Fat Amy and Bumper (Adam Devine) that had us saying “aww” while still laughing uncontrollably. Look out for the many surprise cameos too!

Also, make sure you don’t leave the cinema when the credits start rolling, or you’ll miss out on the hilarious mid-credits scene – a special performance from Bumper.

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Cast: Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld, Rebel Wilson, Brittany Snow, Hana Mae Lee, Ester Dean, Alexis Knapp, Chrissie Fit

Rating: PG-13 (Sexual references)

Director: Elizabeth Banks

Genre: Musical, Comedy

Runtime: 115 minutes

Release date: 14 May 2015