But that’s the exact opposite of what Poulet Vous sells. The brainchild of Singapore’s best known international celebrity photographer Russel Wong, his wife Judy Millar, and Magdalene Tang from Mag’s Wine Kitchen, this restaurant is also about as specialized as you can get. The cozy, 2.5 month-old eatery has just 1 regular dish on its menu: its rotisserie chicken in 2 sizes ($27 for a whole, and $18 for half).

And the chickens’ musical diet is to keep them from being overly stressed. But that’s only part of what makes a sakura chicken. Named after farming techniques from Japan, the chickens are also fed with lactobacillus to fight harmful bacteria in their body, and no antibiotics are ever given to them. This extra tender loving care makes for tender, almost fat-free, hearty slabs of meat, that require less time to cook than regular roasted chicken.

The roasted chicken, with its mouthwatering, aromatic scent, is served on a simple wooden board, which remains true to Poulet Vous’ homely image. A quick look at the dish tells you what you’re in for: slightly crispy, golden-brown skin that offers little peeks to the moist flesh underneath.

There’s no room for disappointment in this; the dish is cooked nearly to perfection its meat equally tender in all parts and tearing away with the slightest pull. Don’t be intimidated by the sizes they offer, though. The chicken comes with virtually no fat at all, which makes for a light, yet fulfilling meal that even the smallest of eaters will be able to finish.

Its tenderness alone, coupled with the slight crisp skin, is enough for you to devour it as it is. But if you’re up for a kick in the taste buds, Poulet Vous also sells 2 choices of sauces: mushroom and barbeque at $1 each. The former’s a classic, thick and full of chunks of mushroom, while the latter provides a unique, refreshing zing to the chicken.

Poulet Vous only offers 1 permanent side to go along with its chicken: the roasted potatoes ($4). This is definitely a bang for your buck; a portion is enough to keep your stomach filled the entire day. The potatoes are roasted with precision; they’re neither too hard nor too soggy.

There’s also a selection of salads to choose from. Ranging from $6 to $8, these salads, made with ingredients from pasta to couscous to chicken, aren’t the typical green Caesar salads you find served with stale croutons in fast food restaurants. UrbanWire’ personal favourite is Tomato Red Onion with Anchovy Zest ($6), simply because it’s nice, refreshing and simple, making for a good balance from all the roasted goodness. Skip the couscous; it leaves a rather strong, bitter aftertaste.

When you’re done with a satiating meal and still have space for a little bit more, order lemonade ($6). You won’t get watery, overly sweet bottled versions here; instead, their lemonade is made from freshly juiced apples and whole lemons, combined with its rind to bring out the flavour. This is joltingly energizing, offering all the alertness a cup of coffee gives without its caffeine. Or if you’re dining across the love of your life,  you might like to choose from a range of wines that start from $10 for a glass.

Poulet Vous also sells a small collection of British snacks and soda, from eco-friendly, delicious Leighton Brown crisps to pork scratchings, along with a few pastries such as croissants, baguettes and pain au chocolate that aren’t displayed. Come down earlier for their affordable breakfast sets, served from 9 am. We hear the macaroni and cheese ($8), offered on weekends, tastes fantastic too.

Located just by the side of Ridgewood Condominium, Poulet Vous provides a peaceful, unpretentious atmosphere for when you need time away from Singapore’s fast paced city life. Be prepared to be greeted with a splatter of colours and kitschy furnishings too, and also a few books of photographs by Wong. “This is kind of like a reflection of my home in terms of the colours, the casualness and stuff,” Millar tells UrbanWire.

And indeed, it does feel like home. Expect to be welcomed by sights of large families enjoying their dinner with pets by their side. The walls of Poulet Vous are also plastered with cheeky, brightly coloured laminated signs and reminders to call at least 1.5 hours early before you arrive to “book a hot bird”. The fun-loving owners behind Poulet Vous are also willing to dance for tips, so make sure to be generous. After all, it isn’t easy to find tax and service charge free hospitality as excellent as this in our shores.


Price Rating: $

Rating: ★★★★✩
Address:5 Ridgewood Close, Unit G6, Ridgewood Condominium

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Closed on Wed.

Mon, Tue, Thu: 4pm – 9pm

Fri: noon – 9pm

Weekends: 9am – 9pm

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