Since his debut in Shrek 2, this swashbuckling ginger cat with the impossibly huge pleading eyes has been imprinted into the minds of many and evoked countless of hearty squeals from all over the world.

So impactful has his short screen time been that DreamWorks Animation has given him his own spin-off. And since the story predates his meeting with them, he (Antonio Banderas) gets absolutely no help or special appearance from any of the main characters of the Shrek 4-part and 2-specials franchise.

Be it young or old, the creators of Shrek and Kung Fu Panda promise an intense 90 minutes packed with action and claw marks in this humble feline tale.

After being wronged for being in cahoots with his childhood friend, Humpty Alexander Dumpty (voiced by Zach Galifianakis) in a bank robbery case, the suave cat sets out to bringing riches back to the people again, and regain the confidence of his adoptive mother, Imelda,.

Upon receiving news about Jack and Jill’s arrival in his hometown, Puss begins his search for the legendary magic beans (from fairytale, Jack and the Beanstalk), which would lead him to the giant castle where the goose which lays the golden eggs can be found.

During his mission, he meets Kitty Softpaws (voiced by Selma Hayek), a skillful and vivacious feline without claws, and reunites with his greatest nemesis, Humpty Alexander Dumpty.

Once being together in committing notorious acts during their time in Imelda’s orphanage, such as stealing beans and coin purses, the animosity between Puss and Dumpty ballooned when Puss became the town’s hero, and decided to stop stealing for good.

Enraged, the cunning egg then tricked Puss into robbing a bank with him, which led to him fleeing the town and ended up being on the wanted list.

Don’t worry if you’re not a Shrek fan, for the producers have cleverly spun the tale so it  works perfectly as a standalone film.

By adding a playful twist to famous childhood tales, such as Jack and Jill and Humpty Dumpty, the movie echoes the humour found in the Shrek films, where smaller fairy tale characters like the Gingerbread man are amplified and given unusual personalities.

And since adults, rather than children are the prime target audience, the Catsanova is paired with the shapely form of Kitty Softpaws, a feisty companion who seems to be the only female resistant to Puss’s magnetism.

Everyone loves seeing a good cat fight- when Puss’ quest of stealing the magic beans from Jack and Jill was interrupted by a masked Kitty Softpaws, the two got embroiled into a furious cat chase and a dance challenge, where both showed off their sleek moves and tap dancing skills, with litters of cats strumming guitars, mewing, and prancing to the beat.

Keeping the same debonair charm he had in the Shrek movies, Puss gets to send many a hearts (feline or otherwise) a flutter.

After being tickled in the bones by Puss’ comical expressions and antics for the first quarter of the movie, the rebel’s mellowed personality and tiny physique when he was a kitten could possibly turn anyone into a cat lover.

Seen without his signature gears (Floppy hat, leather belt with sword and his pair of boots), the then shy and timid kitten would only look at anyone with those big and innocent eyes, and utter a squeaky-soft “mew” whenever dumpty shared with him about his outrageous inventions and lofty dreams.

But the moments you remember most is the heart-wrenching scene of Puss casting his mind back to the times, where he ended up at Imelda’s orphanage, and became sworn brothers with Dumpty, and the eventual betrayal, which led to the feline’s downfall.

Often at the most exciting turn of the story, one character never fails to lighten up the mood by causing an outburst of laughter in the theatres.

Cat Cantina, also known as the “ooo” cat, is a cheeky grey kitty which springs onto the screen, making an “ooo” sound with an wide-eyed expression at the most inappropriate times.

Seeing Puss’ success following his appearance in Shrek, Cat Cantina could possibly be the one to watch for in the next DreamWorks production.

Owing to the shrewdness of the producers of Shrek to ride on the wind of Puss’ popularity, that we are able to enjoy this impressive piece today.

The distinctive style of Dreamworks animation still remains in this feline tale – mindless jokes, unexpected clever twists, that good old fairytale touch and a hero.

Compared to Puss’ previous short appearances in Shrek, Antonio Banderas’ expressive yet playful portrayal of the character truly holds the show together for the entirely duration.

The scenes of Puss calling Imelda his “ma-ma” with so much adoration and respect was highly elevated by Banderas’ deep and husky voice, making those moments so nostalgic yet funny.

A must-watch for cat lovers, be prepared to fall off your seat for that awesome cattitude can be too much to handle.


Movie: Puss in Boots
Rating: 4.5/5
Opens: Nov 24
Duration: 90 minutes
Language: English
Age Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure, Family, Comedy

Director: Chris Miller
Cast: Antonio Banderas, Selma Hayek, Zach Galifianakis