The Hallyu wave in Singapore rose to its hottest frenzy as South Korean boyband 2PM held their debut solo Singapore concert, ‘2PM Hands Up Asia Tour’, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 19 Nov.

Comprising Ok Taecyeon, Kim Junsu, Nichkhun Horvejkul, Jang Wooyoung, Lee Junho, and Hwang Chansung, the 6-member group surprised and charmed approximately 7,000 Hottests (2PM’s official fan club name) with their flawless performances, dazzling laser effects, imposing pyrotechnics – and the many different sides of 2PM.


The Party Goers

(From left to right) Chansung, Wooyoung, Junho, Junsu, Nichkhun, and Taecyeon

Clad in bright, colourful jackets, the band kicked off the night with a series of energetic dance tracks – namely, “Hot”, “Electricity”, and the group’s latest number, “Hands Up”. The concert was instantly transformed into a massive party as fans danced along with the members while screaming their lungs out and frantically waving LED light boards to attract the group’s attention.


The Romantics


Besides confessing their love for Singapore throughout the concert, the 6 members also melted fans’ hearts with their mid-tempo ballads such as ‘I Can’t’, which saw them decked out in suits and jackets while delivering the loving lyrics –  a true representation of romantic gentlemen indeed.

As the night went on, fans were treated to more love songs from 2PM. Looking all groomed up in preppy checkered suits, Taecyeon and Nickhun gave a sweet duet performance of “My Valentine”, an insert song from the popular drama series ‘Dream High’, which the former starred in.

But a K-pop gig isn’t a K-pop gig without fanservice. Hottests were thrilled when the 6 singers appeared on stage with baskets of roses while serenading the crowd with “Only You”, a track from their debut EP Hottest Time of the Day. During the song, the members distributed roses to the fans in the mosh pits, earning themselves lovesick and excited squeals of joy.


The Angst

What’s 2PM without their signature angsty tracks and dance moves? Performing hits such as “Heartbeat”, “Again & Again”, “Without U”, and “I’ll Be Back”, the 6 members showed off their dance prowess while belting out the songs with just enough angst and heartbreak. The band also demonstrated their good stamina and vocal skills when Junsu, one of the lead vocalists of the group, did an ad-lib of a strong high note towards of end of “Heartbeat”.


The Professional Soloists

One highlight of the night was probably Chansung’s solo stage, which tapped greatly on his expertise in martial arts. His act began with a video in which an assassin killed his girlfriend during a date, causing Chansung so much anguish that he eventually transformed into a dark and mysterious martial artist. To the fans’ surprise, Chansung then emerged onstage with a blade in each hand, sparring against numerous assassins and silhouettes while executing powerful jumps and kicks. Despite the exaggerated storyline, the singer managed to impress and put up a good show with his professional acting and martial arts skills.

Another high point of the concert was the performance by Junsu, 1 of the group’s lead vocalists. Adopting his Jun.K persona, the oldest member of the band wowed the Hottests with his dynamic rapping and charismatic stage presence during his solo single “Alive”, accompanied by sparks and mimed dancers.


The ‘Aegyo’

In every Korean band, there is always 1 member with that ‘aegyo’ (Korean term for cuteness). During a talk segment, the group urged Junho to give show off his talent. With puffed up cheeks, Junho went on to charm the shrieking fans with a sexy but surprisingly cute body wave, blowing kisses to the audience and forming a heart shape with his arms.

While Hottests got to see the group’s impeccable stage performances, they were also treated to a glimpse behind-the-scenes during an interlude video screening. Filmed from the point-of-view of Chansung’s celebrity pet cat, Jeonggam, the video followed through the lives of each member several months prior to the concert, allowing the fans to see the comical and quirky sides of 2PM.


The Stripteasers

Cuteness aside, 2PM’s more commonly known for their ‘beastly’ idol concepts and built figures – and they certainly didn’t hesitate to serve as eye candy, with frequent stripteases throughout the night.

Accompanied by a number of sexy female dancers, 2PM showed off sleek and alluring dance moves during ‘Back 2U’, performing body waves and thrusting their hips in a slow and seductive manner. Although envious of the female dancers’ proximity to the band at first, fans were later taken by surprise when they ripped off the members’ shirts, revealing their toned and robust abs.

And the stripteases didn’t stop there. At the end of the concert, the rest of the band headed backstage while Chansung remained on stage, leading many to wonder why. Screaming fans finally got their answer when Chansung removed his shirt and tossed it into the crowd, driving them wild. Following Chansung’s stunt, Taecyeon proceeded to do the same, leaving many fans red-faced by their strapping figures and teasing smiles.

The concert finally came to an end with a beautiful and heartfelt performance of ‘Thank You’, a single that was released exclusively for the Hottests in 2010.

While fans were amazed by 2PM’s performance, they also wished the 2.5-hours-long show had been longer.

“The concert was really awesome; however it was too short,” commented 17-year-old student Nicole Quek, who’s been a fan since the group’s debut. “But I really liked it when they interacted with the fans and made them high.”

The fans clearly enjoy the night, and it seems the members of 2PM shared their sentiments too. Nickhun left a tweet on his thoughts about the concert, while Taecyeon shared a picture of him posing with an Okcat plushie a fan had given him during the encore stage.

Photos courtesy of Samuel Ow from Klix Photography, Dispatch, and Hype Records.


They’ll be back

Much to the delight of the Hottests, 2PM promised several times to make a return to Singapore next year.

Before leaving the stage, Nickhun said in fluent English, “It’s been a great night. I hope that we’ll do this again very soon. We’ll come back for you guys, and you guys will come back for us right?”

We’re sure they will.