Being a backup singer in front of 80,000 people one night was enough to spark an interest in Rachel Platten to start a career in music. “On stage that night, I wanted the mic in the center of the stage. I wanted to be the person singing my songs to those 80,000 people. So I began,” she says with a smile

 Ever since then, Platten has been trying to make this dream happen. ‘Fight Song’ was written at a dark moment in her career. With opportunities closing and no reason to keep going, this determined singer still found the strength in her to keep her dream alive. The song was a declaration to keep going, and believing in herself however impossible it may seem.



That spirit is evident in ‘Fight Song’, with the song’s positive message as well as Platten’s vocals receiving worldwide success, topping the charts in United Kingdom and Scotland, while reaching top 10 positions in multiple record charts including number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100.

When Platten first found out that “Fight Song” hit number 1 on the radio and iTunes charts, she burst into tears. “It had happened. A dream I’d envisioned so many times that had previously been stomped on and trampled was actually coming true.”

Described by a good friend as happy, silly, hopeful, ambitious, determined, warm, kind and loving, Platten admitted that her most played song on her playlist at the moment is her ‘Fight Song’. (And we have to admit, it’s ours too!)


What’s Next

After taking the charts by storm Platten is ready to try and repeat the same success with her follow-up – ‘Stand By You’ which was released on iTunes on 11 September.

Returning with an equally empowering anthem, ‘Stand By You’ is co-written with fun.’s Jack Antonoff also the headman of Bleachers. This optimistic piece is about being there for a loved one through difficult times. ‘Stand By You’ will appear on Platten’s upcoming debut album that is expected to come out later this year or early 2016.

When asked if she plans to visit Singapore anytime soon, Platten replied, “I would love to. My parents have visited a couple times and love it. So I hope to take a trip soon and meet all of my incredible fans in Singapore. Thank you so much for the love; it means the world to me!!”


Platten is not just a “one-hit wonder”. It may have taken her at least a decade to earn her first breakthrough single but this is the first of many more. With the popularity “Fight Song” has garnered, we’re sure “Stand By You” will have no difficulty climbing the charts.