It’s not uncommon for actress Rachel Wan to work from pre-dawn to dusk when she’s on the set of Mediacorp Channel 5’s long-form drama, Kin.

Mediacorp actress Rachel Wan
Rachel Wan plays the lead role Loh Ah Yoke in long-running drama series, Kin. Photo by Joye Lee.

The 25-year-old plays the endearing Loh Ah Yoke, a loan shark runner who’s switched at birth, raised in a modest family before returning to her rightful family to learn the ins and outs of being a high society daughter.

Kin premiered in October 2018 and is still running with more than 320 episodes to date.

Rachel’s filming schedule can be punishing, and the routine on set can become very repetitive, but she’s still in love with her character.

Rachel Wan on the set of Mediacorp drama series Kin. Photo by Joye Lee.

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