Announcement: Razer Nabu Smartband

After taking all the feedback at CES 2014, Razer’s back with their polished up Nabu Smartband. If you felt all ham-fisted when you last handled it, breathe easy because Razer has moved the button to a more intuitive position for your one-handed button pressing.

To bring it from fancy bracelet to Smartband, both the Nabu and Nabu X are to receive major updates via a new companion app. With a more vibrant User Interface (undoubtably in Razer’s acid green hue), it’ll present a clearer comprehensive picture of the wearer’s daily activities. Plus, it now has advanced auto sleep-tracking algorithms so even your Smartband can nag you about your poor sleeping patterns (7 hours a day, in case you didn’t know).



If your legs have no nerves (or you keep your cellphone in your bag), Razer’s Nabu has got your back because you never know when you’ll get a notification. It’ll notify you of incoming calls, texts, mails and whatever app notifications you want. Hopefully no one is shaking your hand when it begins vibrating on your wrist. But if you are shaking hands, the Nabu will trade Facebook and Twitter contact info if your handshake recipient has a Nabu too!


Price: $79.90

The Razer Nabu and Nabu X begin shipping October 2015.

Find out more at Razer