Producer: Fang Yi
Production Assistant: Khai Sheng
Video Editor: Fang Yi

While most people treat gaming as a hobby, Wayne Chua is a competitive esports player. Having had a strong passion for video games from a young age, Chua decided to explore the unconventional path of a gaming career. 

His passion for games has definitely paid off, with him having competed in multiple world championship events in global cities like London and Japan. Chua is also proud to have been appointed the leader of Team MYS – one of the strongest teams in Asia within the Asian Pokémon UNITE competitive scene. 

Chua shares his challenges and heartfelt moments throughout his competitive esports journey – reflecting the broader narrative of Gen Z, a generation that aims to rewrite traditional career paths. Esports, once dismissed as a mere pastime, has emerged as a lucrative industry, and he’s showcasing the potential for a fulfilling career in the digital arena. 

His success is not just a personal triumph; it’s a testament to the transformative power of passion, dedication, and the boundless possibilities within the esports landscape.