Rewind 1 – Man Marries Bitch

According to FOX News, a 33-year-old Indian farmer has taken the saying “man’s best friend” to a whole new level.

Not content to have a dog merely as a loyal companion, Mr Selvakamr recently married a 10-year-old female stray, Selvi, in a traditional Hindu ceremony held at a temple in Tamil Nadu.

This was no love story though. The groom only married the bitch in hopes of lifting a curse, which he claimed has left him deaf in 1 ear, with his limbs paralysed for some years.

Mr Selvakamr believed he was cursed by a couple of canines, he had tortured 15 years back (by stoning them to death and stringing them on a tree). He’s convinced that the only way to lift the hex is to wed a pooch.

Unfortunately, before the ceremony, Selvi the mutt had a change of heart and attempted a ‘runaway-bride’ – perhaps back to her other more furry friends? She was later caught and returned to her ardent groom.

With such an inauspicious start, it looks like this unusual marriage 
is doomed to go to the dogs. Literally.
Rewind 2 – Battle of the Squeegees

The Edmonton Sun reported that a fierce fight erupted between would-be robber, Ryan Anthony Gambler, 25, and his victim in California.

Both men were spotted chasing each other around a gas station wielding dangerous instruments that were rough, tough and just a wee bit
 rubbery – squeegees.

Earlier on, Ryan had approached his unsuspecting prey under the 
pretense of asking for a cigarette, before whipping out a knife to 
extort money.

Unfortunately for the aspiring bandit, the target he chose proved to
be feisty and, ignoring Ryan’s threats, the man ran straight to a 
gas station where he grabbed a squeegee to defend himself.

Undeterred, Ryan ran after him, and appearing to forget about his
 knife, the robber chose to grab a couple of squeegees as weapons too. 
The 2 then began chasing each other around the gas station.

Ryan must have thought a squeegee was the way to clean out his victim’s pockets.
Rewind 3 – Subway’s the way

What do you do when you’re late for work, and the fuming boss is demanding an explanation? Why, blame your local subway, of course.

According to The Associated Press, passengers late for school
or work due to delays on the public transport can phone The New York 
City (NYC) Transit to request for delay verification letters.

An official letter clearly stating which subway line was taken; the
duration of the hold up and the entire trip will be mailed to the 
respective passengers’ homes a week or two after a request is made
over the phone.

The NYC Transit has been sending out 34,000 verification letters
 annually, and is now even in the process of creating an online request
 system, which enables passengers to conveniently make such requests 
through the Internet.

Take heart everyone; justifying tardiness will soon be just a mouse click away.
Rewind 4 – Don’t Pooh-Pooh Poo

This year for Christmas, Miller Park Zoo (located in Illinois, USA) has come up with a brilliant 
solution to utilize animal droppings, and earn some cash in the process.

CBS News reports that the zoo has been manufacturing Christmas 
ornaments out of hardened reindeer poo that were kindly provided by Ealu 
and Rika- the zoo’s resident reindeer.

The droppings are first dried, clear coated, and then finally prettied 
up with either glitter or paint. These balls of poo, named “magical 
reindeer gem ornaments” are later placed on sale at the zoo’s gift 
shop, retailing at US$5 (S$7.51)  each.

With the recession looming, maybe next year’s ornaments will be dried human faeces instead?

Rewind 5 – Won’t kiss till they’re married

Think you’re committed to your job? Try beating this married couple 
who have delayed their first kiss all the way up to their wedding day.

According to Chicago Tribune, Melody LaLuz and Claudaniel Fabien- both 
abstinence course instructors to Chicago public school teens- were so 
determined to practice what they preached, that they avoided lip-to-lip contact until they were pronounced legally married.

The couple took great pains to prevent themselves from succumbing to the temptation throughout their year-long courtship and showed their love through other “safer” alternatives instead, such as helping each other out in household chores.

But what about the saying of testing the car before you buy it?

Laluz confidently refuted this belief, stating: “You can’t take the 
car out of the parking lot until you pay for it.”

Let’s hope she won’t get buyer’s remorse when she
 finally gets into the proverbial car during the honeymoon.