Amidst the theatres by the bay sits an island of crisp grass, a friendly backyard beckoning theatre-goers and passers-by to join them in their eternal picnic.

This is the outdoor seating area of the latest culinary addition to Esplanade, SAUCE bar & grill.

Opened by the good folks of Butter Factory, the 3-month-old restaurant has been busy churning out (no pun intended) quirky ideas so that their customers can experience their meals with a difference.


Diners can enjoy dinner at SAUCE while imagining themselves as people attending a lawn party of sorts when seated in their whimsical backyard. Just a stone’s throw away, the Marina Bay provides a picturesque view to accompany the meal, making it the perfect way to enjoy a meal on a cool Singapore night.

SAUCE's chic, modern bar contrasts to the whimpsical display in their outdoor dining area.

The restaurant also has indoor seating if you are looking for a classier, chic night or a romantic dinner for two. The last vestiges of the whimsy are splattered in the form of assorted chairs that colour the modern bar. At night, the dim lighting can get in the way if you are the sort of person that likes to have a clear view of what you’re eating. With their wide open doors, the space is well-ventilated and cool but having this open concept means it can get quite stuffy on a warm night, as the air-conditioning would be of little help.


Still in the process of a revamp, the menu at SAUCE is not very diversified yet, but it has enough choices to go around. The mainly western fair consists of American-style grilled meats with relatively mid-range prices. Patrons can enjoy a delectable Pre-party Wednesday dinner special (only available for tertiary students). For $18, not only do you get a soup of the day and an entrée, you may also choose to have half a pint of beer or a glass of wine without extra charges. Non-alcoholic drinkers can also opt for a soft drink. It is an offer that is definitely worth it.

One of SAUCE's special deals include a complimentary mini hotdog with every pint of beer purchased.

Also in the menu are SAUCE’s speciality sauces, ranging from Chilli Cheese to Jalapeño Tartare. Most dishes at SAUCE are accompanied by a few recommended sauces that you can pick, however these concoctions are also available at $1.50 each.


Corn Soup ($5 ala carte)

Those not fans of heavy soups should stay away from this little number. Creamy and sweet, it is certainly a divine soup to have on a cold rainy day. You may wait for your taste buds to get tired of this rich soup but surprisingly they don’t. However, instead of bread, the soup was served with breadsticks, which does not absorb the flavour as well as bread would have. The density of both the breadstick and the soup makes it difficult to soften the breadstick, making it a poor choice of accompaniment. (Available choice for Wednesday pre-party special.)

Mentaiko Pasta ($18 ala carte)

This lacklustre pollock roe dried shrimp pasta is a classic example of a fusion that should not have been married. At first bite the salt hits you, then it gets overpowered by the taste of dried shrimp that your taste buds will tire of within a few bites. The dryness of this dish tends to cause the pasta to stick together making it not an appetising sight. Seafood lovers and dry pasta lovers may enjoy this pasta more than others, however they too may find better choices elsewhere. (Available choice for Wednesday pre-party special.)

BBQ Chicken Salad ($14 ala carte)

Sweet, sour, spicy and downright flavourful are the words to describe this delectable chicken salad. A great choice even for those who don’t usually go for veggie delights, its freshly fried chips are especially enjoyable. However, there is a huge disparity between the greens and the meat I hardly remember eating. (Available choice for Wednesday pre-party special.)

Chilli Beef Taco ($15 ala carte)

Photos courtesy of Noel Teo.

Break off the crispy taco and enjoy digging in to the mexican filling, a generous mix of minced beef slices of parmesan, avocados, jalapeño, tomatoes and lettuces. Able to comfortably serve 2, this mildly spicy dish may not be the best choice for those sensitive to spicy food.

Overall, although I did enjoy the food at SAUCE, this fledging restaurant still has a long way to go. Armed with an original and interesting concept, SAUCE has great potential. All they need is to just tweak their food and improve their service greatly.

Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall,
#01-10/12, Singapore 039802
Telephone: (+65) 6837 2959

Opening Hours:
– Sunday to Thursday 5pm – 1am
– Friday, Saturday and Eve of Public Holidays 5pm – 2am

Rating: ★★★✩✩
Price Rating: $$