Producer: Preethika Saravanan
Hosts: Aishah, Arya Prem
Videographers: Zenden, Cerilynn
Lights: Hui Ying, Charlene
Sound: Ho Khai Sheng
Video Editor: Fang Yi

Join our hosts, Aishah and Arya, on a ghost-hunting experience as they take us to one of Singapore’s oldest and most haunted estates: 1 Spooner Road. Follow them as they learn about the chilling history of this former Tanjong Pagar railway staff quarters while exploring the levels and empty corridors rumoured to have the highest spiritual activity.

While the estate once housed over 170 low-income residents, most vacated their rental flats a few months ago due to the government’s plans for renewal. The poorly-maintained blocks continue to house a handful of residents. Due to the alleged suicides that have occurred on the higher levels, 1 Spooner Road is now known as a ghost town to many.

Equipped with their almost non-existent courage and their trusty ghost-hunting equipment, Aishah and Arya attempt to make contact and hold conversations with the spirits. Our hosts utilise an EMF reader to measure the electromagnetic field surrounding the abandoned units and a spirit box mobile application to hear what the supernatural has to say using radio frequencies. 

Will they get the answers they hoped for or will their paranormal investigation end in disappointment?