Videographer: Qi En & Preethika
Video editor: Hui Ying

Ever wondered how your favourite snacks such as Kueh Bangkit would taste as an ice cream? Luckily for us, more places have been experimenting with unique ice cream flavours like Kueh Bangkit and White Chocolate Nori, which are flavours you’d have never thought were possible in ice cream!

We headed down to Tom’s Palette, and tried five unique ice cream flavours. We rated them according to how good they tasted, and how close the taste was to their name.

1. White Chocolate Nori

White chocolate and nori – also known as seaweed, are flavours we would never have thought of combining as they are sweet and salty, and usually eaten on their own or with other pairings. It was such a unique combination and was definitely a refreshing take on ice cream flavours! To our surprise, the seaweed flavour was strong yet not overpowering as there were chunks of white chocolate in it. Neither of us were feeling the love for this flavour, but hey, if you like Seaweed, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll love it!

2. Soya Bean Youtiao

This flavour is inspired by a popular Chinese breakfast, where youtiao, also known as fried dough fritters, are dipped in soya bean milk. This flavour was a pretty safe one with its sweet and familiar notes due to the nostalgic soya bean and chunks of youtiao – which were surprisingly still doughy!

3. Wedang Jahe (Indonesian Ginger Tea)

Wedang Jahe, an Indonesian ginger tea, contains fresh minced ginger, gula melaka, and lemongrass. This flavour was also on the safer side, as it had a strong ginger and lemongrass taste that was neither foreign nor surprising to us.

4. Prune Kueh Lapis

Also known as Kueh Lapis, this dessert is a popular traditional Indonesian Kueh that boasts a multi-layered appearance. The ice cream did not have as much of a kueh lapis flavour as we had hoped for, but the chunks of prune jam made up for it.

5. Kueh Bangkit

Lastly, we have the Kueh Bangkit, a staple snack in any Chinese household during the Lunar New Year. Made with ingredients like tapioca starch and coconut, this addictive snack melts in your mouth.This flavour did not disappoint as the ice cream tasted exactly like Kueh Bangkit with a strong and fragrant coconut aftertaste. The powdery note also made the ice cream reminiscent of the snack! This was definitely the most surprising ice cream flavour we tried!

Overall, the unique ice cream flavours we tried were interesting. Both the White Chocolate Nori and Kueh Bangkit stood out to us and were the best replicas of their original snacks. Next time you see unique ice cream flavours in stores, widen your palettes and be surprised!