SG50 is commemorated everywhere – companies big and small have been going nuts integrating the celebration into their product packaging and the signature red dot logo is usually the reason for the next discount or freebie you get. Embracing a half-century’s worth of Singapore Spirit is indeed a milestone for the nation’s independent journey from third world to first world. So, how about cooking up a truly Singaporean surprise for your friends and family this Jubilee Weekend?

1. “Sng Bao” or Ice Popsicles


From ovaltine to red bean flavors, “Sng Bao” [‘ice bags’ in Hokkien] is a childhood thirst quencher for many who grew up in the ‘70s. Retiree Patrick Goh, 60, fondly recalls his experiences selling the colorful popsicles as a child: “My brother and I will carry buckets of “Sng Bao” that my mother made to construction sites and outside primary schools in the Queenstown area. Selling them for 5 cents each made us a lot of money back then. On a hot day, we’ll go home with empty buckets and my delighted mother will give us 20 cents bonus each.”

Today, modern reinventions of the treat are sold by businesses like The Sng Bao Society and Stoone, with new cocktail flavors like Thai Milk Tea and Watermelon Soju. Let’s not be too ambitious yet, shall we? These Milo, Bandung and Ribena flavors will serve you just as well. (Note: The ingredients we used are available at all major supermarkets!)

Check out UrbanWire’s guide to your homemade “Sng Bao”:

Estimated Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 6 people

You will need:

6 “Sng Bao” bags

4 packets of 3-in-1 Milo

1 can of Condensed Milk

1 can of Full Cream Evaporated Milk

1 bottle of Rose Syrup

1 bottle of Ribena

1 jug of water (1.5 litres)

1 measuring jug (500ml)

1 plastic funnel


Firstly, here’s how to make the different flavors’ mixtures.

Milo Flavor

Step 1: Empty 2 packets of 3-in-1 Milo into the measuring jug

Step 2: Add water to make 350ml of Milo

Step 3: Add 1 teaspoon of condensed milk to taste

Step 4: Stir till completely dissolved

Bandung Flavor

Step 1: Pour 150ml of rose syrup into the measuring jug

Step 2: Add full cream evaporated milk to make 350ml of Bandung mix

Step 3: Stir well

Ribena Flavor

Step 1: Pour 150ml of Ribena syrup into the measuring jug

Step 2: Add water to make 350ml of Ribena

Step 3: Stir well

Once you’ve done that, here’s what you have to do:

Step 1: Hold the funnel over the “Sng Bao” bag and pour in the mixture till it fills up ¾ of the bag

Step 2: Secure the opening of the bag by tying a knot

Step 3: Put in freezer. Serve when frozen.

2. Egg Agar Agar


A must-have for special occasions in the ‘80s, the Egg Agar Agar is contained in real eggshells. A creative twist from the regular shaped agar agar, it’s fun-sized and made in various colors according to one’s preference.

Mrs. Agnes Tan, 30, a mother of two, says she makes these for her sons’ birthdays. “I learnt the recipe from my mother because my sons prefer them to the regular red eggs. They enjoy peeling off the eggshells and they’ll eat them right away.” In recent years, there have been many innovative variations of this traditional treat, including 3D Agar Agar!

Here’s how to make your personalized SG50 Egg Agar Agar, complete with red and white layers:

Estimated Time: 45 minutes

Serves: 4 – 6 people

You will need:

1 packet of fresh Coconut Milk (500ml)

8 -10 empty eggshells (washed)

1 packet of colorless agar agar powder (12g)

8 tablespoons of sugar

1 bottle of permitted red food coloring

500ml of water

2 syringes (10ml each)

1 straw

2 saucepans



Step 1: Use the back of a teaspoon to break a small hole at the top of the egg

Step 2: Empty the egg contents into a bowl

Step 3: Wash the empty eggshell under running tap water till clean

Red Layer

Step 1: Pour 500ml of water into the saucepan

Step 2: Add 4 tablespoons of sugar

Step 3: Add 6g of agar agar powder

Step 4: Using a straw, drip the required amount of red food coloring to your liking (We added 3 drops!)

Step 5: Stir the mixture continuously on low heat until everything dissolves

Step 6: Using a syringe, fill 6ml of the red agar agar mixture into each eggshell

Step 7: Allow to cool for 2 mins. Then use the other syringe to add a layer of coconut/white agar agar.

Coconut/White Layer

Step 1: Pour 500ml of fresh coconut milk into the saucepan

Step 2: Add 6g of agar agar powder

Step 3: Add 4 tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt

Step 4: Stir the mixture continuously on low heat until everything dissolves

Step 5: Using the other syringe, fill 6ml of the coconut agar agar mixture into each eggshell over the red layer

Step 6: Allow to cool for 2 mins. Using the red agar agar syringe, add a layer of red

*Remember to allow each layer to cool down for 2 minutes before you alternate your layers, till the eggshells are completely filled. Refrigerate and serve when chilled.

3. Corn Hoon Kueh


The Corn Hoon Kueh is a savory and smooth dessert wrapped in banana leaves that originated from the Peranakan culture. Served at room temperature or chilled, it is often enjoyed during tea parties and at family gatherings in the 90’s, particularly popular for its low-fat goodness. Banana slices can also replace the corn as an alternative, making Pisang Hoon Kueh.

Brandan Chia, a 22 year-old national serviceman, gives this dessert a thumbs-up. “One piece is never enough for me. I like the fragrance from the banana leaves that complement the kueh, and the aftertaste is refreshing.” Hoon Kueh is easily available at Peranakan bakeries like Bengawan Solo.

Don’t waste any more time! Make this simple and irresistible treat now:

Estimated Time: 45 minutes

Serves: 8 – 10 people

You will need:

Part A:

1 packet of Thick Coconut Milk (200g)

1 measuring jug with water (350ml)

8 tablespoons of sugar

A pinch of salt

Part B:

1 packet of Hoon Kueh Flour (90g)

1 measuring jug with water (200ml)

Part C:

1 can of corn nibblets (120g)

15 – 20 pieces of banana leaves (cut into 15cm x 20cm)


Step 1: Mix Part B in a bowl till smooth

Step 2: Boil Part A in a saucepan till sugar melts

Step 3: Slowly pour in Part B stirring all the time with low heat

Step 4: When the mixture thickens till it coats the spoon, remove pan from heat

Step 5: Stir in the corn nibblets into the thickened mixture

Step 6: Spoon about 2 tablespoons of thickened corn mixture onto each banana leaf

Step 7: Wrap each banana leaf up into a rectangle parcel

Step 8: Refrigerate and serve when chilled


If you’re looking to bring everyone back in time this weekend with a tinge of food nostalgia, give these recipes a try – they’ll be perfect to satisfy the hungry tummies of your family and friends. Have a great SG50!


Tell us in the ‘Comments’ section below what you think of these Old School Sweet Treats. If you’ve tried out our recipes, how did it turn out? Let us know!