Game Review: Shelter 2


Shelter 2, the sequel to Might and Delight’s Shelter, features everything its predecessor had to offer and more. Continuing the concept of survival in the wild, Shelter 2 offers new visual movements, a greater variety of prey and a larger world that encourages more open play.

You start off as a pregnant mother lynx in the cold, harsh winter chased by predators. Managing to escape, you follow a trail of stars (yes, the stars) to the bottom of a large tree where you prepare a den to give birth to your kittens.


As you step out of your den, the first thing you notice will be the beautiful landscape around you. Players of the prequel will easily recognise the unique art style that’s elegant and easy on the eyes.

Even more impressive than the art is the studio’s self-composed music. Be it soft, melodious strings when strolling through calm, peaceful meadows, or loud, thundering drums during storms or when in danger, the soundtrack perfectly complements the different moods of the game.


The game’s aim is simple: hunt for food, feed your kids, avoid predators, repeat. That’s it. No EXP, no gold, no complicated side quests.

Hunting in Shelter 2 is like a game of tag, except you’re a lynx and you’re trying to kill your targets. Simply catch up with your victim and your character will automatically grab it in its jaws. While hunting can be frustrating at first with your preys agile and quick, the difficulty of catching rabbits and mice would soon pale in comparison to bigger, faster deer and pheasants as you progress through the game.


One of the game’s most rewarding features is watching your kids grow from cute, tiny kittens to fully-grown lynxes as a result of your constant nurturing. That is, if you can even keep them alive – Food can get scarce as you explore new places. Fail to feed your children for a prolonged period after they faint, and you will find your heart aching for your lost child as you watch their lifeless bodies sink into the ground.


Regulars of AAA, blockbuster titles may find this a bore due to its repetitive style of play. If you’re looking for sophisticated battle sequences or intricate storylines, this definitely isn’t the game for you. In fact, this single-player game on Steam requires little or no skill whatsoever.

However, the focus of the game isn’t so much on its mechanics, but rather on enjoying the environment and immersing yourself in the world of a mother lynx. Through the lens of a lynx, Shelter 2 tells the story of both the beauty and ruthlessness of nature.

Serene, and at times poignant, Shelter 2 is a game to be enjoyed for its simplicity and ambience. Very much like gourmet food, this indie title is an acquired taste that may not suit everyone’s palate.

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Developer: Might and Delight
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie
No of. Players: 1
Price: $15

Release Date: Mar 9 2015