Who would be Spider-man’s allies and foes in the 2017 film? Here’s a wishlist from fans.


The filming of Spider-man: Homecoming is now in full swing.


This second reboot of the Spider-man film franchise, slated for release in July 2017, will follow the events after the superhero face-off in Captain America: Civil War (2016). British actor-dancer Tom Holland will reprise his role as teenage Spidey Peter Parker in the new Marvel-Sony Pictures outing. So will American actor Robert Downey Jr., aka Tony Stark, who’s responsible for scouting Spider-man for Team Iron Man in Civil War.


Tom Holland’s appearance as spider-man in ‘Civil War’


This synopsis for Spider-man: Homecoming was released along with some footage and concept art at the recent San Diego Comic Con. Although it’s sketchy, it’s got many fans excited about the possible story developments.


Who would they want to see as Spider-man’s allies, enemies and romantic interests in the 2017 reboot?




One thing’s for sure: Spider-man will start off on the same side as Iron Man – his mentor, manager as well as costume sponsor in Civil War.


Spidey was a surprise addition to Team Iron Man when they fought against Team Captain America in an epic sequence. The young web-slinger’s restlessness and blabbermouth nature drove Captain America mad, making him a valuable member of Iron Man’s battle troupe. But his loyalty may be tested in Homecoming if Captain America, a fugitive by the end of Civil War, were to return to make him a counter offer.


To some, it’d be exciting to see how Spidey navigates the balancing act. But others begged to differ. “Spidey was practically thrown into this mess (between Team Cap and Team Iron Man). He was never meant to be part of it,” avid comic book readers Arthur Loi said, adding that he would not want Spidey to go through the “mess” again in Homecoming.




Concept art for Spider-man: Homecoming


Based on latest reports on Entertainment Weekly, the villains who will likely appear in Homecoming are the Vulture and the Tinkerer. Former Batman and “BirdmanMichael Keaton is likely to star as the Vulture, while Orange is the New Black actor Michael Chernus will likely play the Tinkerer.


Long-time Spider-man fanboy Tan Yu Wei can’t wait to see the return of the Vulture, an iconic villain who dons a flight harness as he wreaks havoc in the Spider-man universe. He’s all the more delighted that acclaimed actor Michael Keaton (Spotlight, Birdman) will likely take flight as the Vulture in Homecoming, adding that Keaton will not disappoint given his “prior experience”. In his Oscar-nominated role in Birdman (2014), Keaton has flown in the skies of New York City as a giant man-bird in a fantasy sequence.


Love interests


Spider-man has had two main romantic interests, Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy, in his recent cinematic outings.


Little is known about who Peter will be dating in Homecoming. We know Disney’s teen star Zendaya will have a part in the new film. Rumor has it that she’ll play the White Tiger, another mutant hero in Disney’s Ultimate Spider-man TV series. Who knows if Marvel may take the creative license to spark a romance between Spider-man and White Tiger?


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