It was a fierce fashion showdown at the 2013 Star Awards 2nd show at the Marina Bay Sands. The biggest, or should I say, the only red carpet event that Singaporeans look forward to every year. With the occasional bizarre outfits and the not-so-flattering frocks, it’s the only time of the year where you’ll see our celebrities decked in glitz and glamour.


Let’s start with the not so successful outfits of the day.


Ann Kok in Herve Leger

Many nasty comments have been going around about her choice of outfit. Yes I must agree that her body looks stunning, but the amount of cleavage shown through the netted mesh is not very PG I would say. Her chain necklace ain’t of any help to the outfit, neither does it divert our attention away from her voluptuous bust. There are better ways to show off your assets and this dress is not one.


Cynthia Koh in Keith Png

I was pretty disappointed with this. The design on the dress is fine. However the fit was horrible. It was way too big. By that I mean the dress was slipping off her bum and showing off her not-so-curvacious body. The poor actress had to keep tugging her dress to keep it up and she wasn’t the most confortable and confident in showing her waist. She was trying to cover it during the red carpet shoot. The dress was not for her.


Mark Lee

I applaud him for his bold choice but no he couldn’t pull it off. All I think he should do is take it off. The colours and print look horrible on him really. He’s like a magic carpet gone wrong. Perhaps it would work for a guy half his age, but not him.


Paige Chua in Christian Siriano

That is one gorgeous gown but I have only one thing to say. She’s not wearing the dress, the dress is wearing her. Pity.


Dai Yang Tian in Louis Vuitton

Everything about this suit is fine. Everything but that leopard scarf. Did his stylist forget to iron it or did he decide to pull it out from a forgotten pile of stacked away clothing from his mom’s closet?


Belinda Lee in Zardoze

Belinda may have intended for a burlesque, flapper girl look but this dress looked cliché and passe. Her curly hair added 5 years to her age. Even Louboutins can’t save her. It would be a better look for Ge Tai, don’t you think so?


Moving on to the good lookers of the night.


Joanne Peh in Leonard Paris

I know many may disagree with me on this, but I do think the young starlet fits the dress really well. Joanne was definitely pulling the signature “Angelina Jolie” high slits. I do think she is entitled to flaunt her slender long legs while she’s still young and looking hot. However, she could have been more demure and cautious with the way she walks because I swore I saw her had a “Britney” moment when she walked too fast and the slit went up and open. Well no thanks. Leave the panty show for Qi Yu Wu.


Jesseca Liu in Dolce Gabbana

Although I would prefer her hair done up, Jesseca looks stunning in the golden sequin dress. That’s an award-winning look.


Rebecca Lim in Burberry Prorsum

The actress looks absolutely gorgeous. Now that is what I call a red carpet look. The slick centre parted hair and the sexy red lip does much wonder to her fair and slim face. She looked like a Grecian Goddess in her white gown, accessorised with just the right amount of diamonds. Simplicity is the best.


Rui En in Dior


Rui En looked like she came out of a fairytail ball in that Dior dress. Poised and dainty. This is not my favourite look of the beloved ice princess who is usually decked in black or white. She looks half done. I wished she had a darker lip colour and smoky eyes which could complete her look. Also is that a tube I see? Was it because she’s lacking in the bust compartment or was it to protect her modesty? Any way, that black cloth peeping out the gorgeous gown is an eyesore. Other than that, it was a great fashion choice.


Favourites of the night


Zoe Tay in Gucci

Yet another expample of the beauty of simplicity. Zoe Tay looks ravishing in the bright yellow Gucci gown and sleeked back hair. Her fair skin radiates with her sunny dress and the accessories are just right. She really show the younger generation actresses that she still bag the looks and can dress emmaculately well. No one exudes elegance like our number 1 Ah Jie.


Fann Wong in custom Gucci and Christopher Lee in Dior Homme

The ‘It’ couple surpassed my expecations. In fact I was pleasantly surprised by their sartorial choice. Christopher Lee toned it down this year, as compared to his 2011 Johnny Depp meets mafia look, with a cute Dior Homme suit. I think the white bow tie with the contrasting red shoe laces and polka dot socks brings a fun and youthful element to the usual plain suits.

As for Fann Wong, kudos to her for the monochromatic outfit. Some may shudder at her full blue get-up, monochrome is in trend and pretty hard to pull off. I love how she managed to pull it off without looking like a smurf gone wrong. Can I just say how gorgeous is that custom Gucci dress?! I would die to own the bespoke piece. Let’s not forget the lust worthy suede Louboutins. It doesn’t stop there, she had 2 outfit changes throughout the show which included a yellow and white checkered dress from Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2013 collection and a mini dress from Versace. Our Ah Jie (big sister in showbiz) sure knows how to spend her cash.