It was unforeseen when water was splashed at the audience in the front row.  Ironically, the stomper flipped out the yellow “cleaning in progress” signboard subsequently.  No one expected that kitchen sink could add up as a musical instrument.

The 22-year-old percussion group, which started in Brighton, UK, converted percussion into a huge commercial phenomenon. After their spectacular act in the London 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony, Stomp came back with a bang in Singapore and swept the audience away with their one and a half hour performance.

Noted for their trademark use of ordinary items, from kitchen sinks, to trashcans to supermarket trolleys, their bodies, stamping to sniffing to create percussive music, Stomp ‘13 was held at Marina Bay Sands theatre from Jun 18 to 23.

Stomp left the crowd in a perplexed state of mind whenever a nondescript item was brought in, but turned them gawking in amazement as they created rhythm with these items. Their signature laidback street style was exhibited in their casual shirts, baggy pants and contrasted with the sleek choreography.

The new routines and choreographies for stomp13 included trolleys and zippo lighters were refreshing to witness. The stage and technical aspects that included lighting, set and flooring aided the overall delivery as they created magic on stage. In one instance, four stompers were suspended in the air using harnesses as the spotlights shone on them, creating beautiful motion and continuity complementing the music.

There was a lot of interaction between the audience and the Stompers. When the theatre broke out in thunderous applause and cheers after each fascinating act, the crew stared and hissed the audiences to remain silent, which brought guffaws to the audience.  They were also encouraged to copy sounds created by the crew. Starting from basic claps then building up to more complicated claps and hand motion, the spectators created feel-good rhythms.

The element of comedy was key to the show’s great success. Bringing laughter to all ages and without any boundaries. There were 2 comic characters who stole the show with their awkwardness. From one who always did things differently from the rest, when all other stompers swept away with their ordinary sized brooms, he appeared with a gigantic sized broom that looked a size of three normal ones put together. Instigating a woman in the audience to vociferate, “That’s a big one.”

And the other comic stomper was jocular, big-sized and did a hilarious solo performance complete with booty shakes. He’d also earlier brought good laughter with another stomper who induced loud noise by slapping his potbelly.  There was definitely no shortage of laughter.

The cool dance grooves in between the intricate rhythms was definitely a visual treat. It’s hard to believe that the energetic and athletic performance that had no intervals or even discernible breaks in between was performed by just 8 members. The extremely talented and effervescent percussionists made the show seem so effortless. Even after being injured during one of the show’s drumming act, a female Stomper continued to be the Energizer bunny for the acts that followed, brandishing just a simple bandage aid. The attitude and vigor each member had were clearly reflected in the strong performances and vibes they gave the theatre.

“I love how creatively they incorporate the idea of using different tools and materials to create different rhythms. It was definitely a show that kept me engaged and glued throughout the entire performance!” said Lee Xiang Qi, 20 an undergraduate.

You’ve got to hear and see it to believe it. An absolutely scintillating and explosive performance by Stomp, we’re crossing our fingers for them to come back again. Despite being suitable for all ages, certain drumming parts could get really loud so caution is required for babies, heart patients and pregnant women.

Photos courtesy of Base Entertainment