South Korean singer-actress Sulli had always been quick to fire back at her haters. So when the 25-year-old was found dead in an apparent suicide at her apartment yesterday morning, her fans were taken aback.

Police revealed in a statement that the former member of K-pop girl group f(x) had been grappling with depression.

In a recent Instagram live video, Sulli said: “My life is actually empty, so I feel like I’m lying to everyone by pretending to be happy on the outside… Don’t be too hard on me, I’m not a bad person.”

“Don’t be too hard on me, I’m not a bad person.”


K-pop fans have turned to social media to mourn Sulli’s death.

Some also question if the toxic cyberbullying culture has contributed to her depression.

Sulli’s death came 2 years after SHINee member Jonghyun took his life at 27 years old. The popular boy group member reportedly fought a long battle with depression too.

Many other K-pop celebrities have also cracked under enormous pressure in the intensely competitive Korean entertainment industry.

In July, Twice member Mina dropped out of her concert tour after struggling with “sudden extreme anxiety and insecurity toward performing on stage”.

In 2015, 22-year-old K-pop trainee Ahn So Jin allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the 10th floor of her apartment. She had been vying for a place in hit K-pop act Kara in reality competition show Kara Project.

Megastar actress Suzy confessed that she suffered severe depression in 2013 while Big Bang member T.O.P suffered anxiety and depression in 2008.

Sulli was a child actress before debuting in K-pop girl group f(x). She left the group in 2015 to pursue an acting career.

Here’s a look at her road to fame, or infamy.

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