Squid ink pasta probably isn’t the first thing you’d expect to order in a Japanese restaurant.

But this Italian dish and other unique eats have found their way into Sushi Tei’s new The Perfect Interfusion menu.

UrbanWire tried several of these dishes at an exclusive media tasting on Dec 13. Launched just last month, Sushi Tei’s latest seasonal offering features a variety of mains, sides and desserts – with a contemporary twist.

Take for instance the Mentai Potato Salad ($6.80) and Ikasumi Pasta ($13), which are Western dishes with Japanese culinary influences.

Unlike traditional potato salads that you’d find at your friend’s Christmas party, the Mentai Potato Salad is served with a generous dollop of Mentai, or cod roe. The coral bubbles lend a savoury kick to the creamy mashed potato, and these contrasting flavours make for a milky aftertaste that’s not too cloying.

If you’ve always been intimidated by the tar black squid ink, Sushi Tei’s Ikasumi Pasta may be a good place to start. According to Sushi Tei, this dish has proved its popularity over the past few weeks by being one of the most ordered items on this new menu.

Made with squid from the seas of Hokkaido, this pasta dish certainly isn’t as frightening as it looks. The squid ink sauce had a surprisingly mild and palatable flavour, contrary to its strongly pigmented appearance.

Some of the items on the menu – such as the Ikameshi ($12) and Matsutake Sukiyaki ($26 for beef and $22 for chicken), are new takes on familiar Sushi Tei favourites.

Ikameshi is an enhancement of Sushi Tei’s specialty – Ika Sugata ($9), essentially grilled squid marinated in either salt or Teriyaki sauce. For their seasonal menu, Sushi Tei stuffed the grilled Hokkaido-flown seafood with Japanese rice. It’s an ideal side to be shared with friends and family, but UrbanWire thinks it makes a hearty main course for 1.

Unlike Sushi Tei’s regular Sukiyaki ($15) or Japanese hot pot which features slivers of beef and fresh vegetables, Matsutake mushrooms play a starring role in The Perfect Interfusion’s Matsutake Sukiyaki.  The seasonal pine mushrooms have a robust and earthy flavour that’s slowly released into the simmering stock.  One bite into these mushrooms and the well-marbled beef tenderloin and you’ll understand why this dish costs $11 more than the restaurant’s regular Sukiyaki.

The Perfect Interfusion menu also comprises the Supreme Chef Creations section, which features 6 new dishes created by the Sushi Tei chefs from different outlets in Singapore.

At the media tasting, UrbanWire tried the Yakiniku Cheese Roll ($12). Topped with slices of tender Yakiniku beef and cheddar cheese, this roll is almost the sushi equivalent of a cheeseburger – sans the buns.

If you’ve less adventurous taste buds, you’d probably be more enthusiastic about the Mango Avocado Roll ($12). Lest you think this dish borders on boring, look out for the crown of fried bean curd skin and pearls of salmon roe adorning each piece of sushi.

Round off your meal on a sweet note with the air-flown Japanese ice creams on the menu. Indulge in the luxurious Amaguri (roasted chestnut) ice cream or the light and delicate Momo (peach) icecreamfor just $3.40.


The Perfect Interfusion is available till mid-Jan 2013 at all 15 Sushi Tei outlets islandwide. Visit Sushi Tei’s website for the full list of outlets.

Rating: 4/5

Price rating (for main course): $$

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday, 11.30am – 10pm