Members of Team Cap from the cast of Captain America brightens the press conference with humor.

Expect more than a loud, brash action spectacle in Captain America: Civil War. The Marvel Studios film, which pits a team of superheroes against another while forcing some to take sides, is charged with emotions and loaded with questions of loyalty and freedom. But Team Captain America, which comprises Chris Evans (Captain America), Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier), Anthony Mackie (Falcon), has brought their lighter side to Singapore.

The actors, along with director Joe Russo, were chatty and funny as they fielded questions from the press at Marina Bay Sands on 21 April.

Here are three quotes that have tickled our funny bones.  

  1. “You know, like stingray, chilli crab… learning yes la and no la.”


Mackie (Falcon) showed off his newly-acquired Singlish phrases when asked how he had prepared for the press conference. He seemed to have tried a wide variety of local dishes too.

  1. “You pick up heavy stuff and you put it back down…and do that till you can’t do it anymore”


That’s how Evans (Captain America) achieved his impeccably-toned body.

No secret fitness gear. No customized diet. No short cut too.

  1. “Coca Cola Can, Perfect, Trash Can, Magic Marker, and Michelin Car Tires”

That’s how Mackie (Falcon) described the on-screen costumes of his co-stars from the rival Team Iron Man.

While Falcon’s known for his “bird suit”, Mackie said Iron Man’s in a “Coca Cola can” and War Machine in a “trash can”. Vision looked just like a “Magic Marker” and Black Panther was simply a pile of “Michelin car tires”. He had a kinder word for Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow: “Perfect”.


Trivia note: The Team Iron Man actors led by Robert Downey Jr were wooing fans in Paris as Singapore welcomed Team America.


The movie will hit the cinemas in Singapore on 28 April. Be sure to catch our review of this highly anticipated film.