mindline.sg provides free mental health resources online. Screenshot from mindline.sg

An emotionally-intelligent bot sounds like something that exists only in sci-fi movies, but you can in fact meet one of them, Wysa, on mindline.sg

Wysa is an AI-powered chatbot that was introduced by mindline.sg to help Singaporeans who might be feeling stressed and anxious due to job losses, financial issues, domestic abuse and other challenges in the midst of the pandemic. According to the mindline.sg team, the chatbot also contains a variety of self-care exercises that are available throughout the mindline.sg website.

mindline.sg was developed in 2020 by the Ministry of Health Office for Healthcare Transformation (MOHT), in collaboration with the Ministry of Social and Family Development, National Council of Social Service and Institute of Mental Health

Now, I wonder if Wysa can really understand the problems I’m dealing with and if it can talk me out of my woes. Find out in my video review.

If you or your friends would like to seek professional help for your mental health condition, here are some useful hotlines and resources:

National Care Hotline: 1800-202-6868

Institute of Mental Health’s Mental Health Helpline: 6389-2222

Samaritans of Singapore: 1800-221-4444

TOUCHline Counselling: 1800-377-2252

Fei Yue’s Online Counselling Service

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