How does Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most accomplished athletes in the world and at his peak, extend his lengthy list of achievements? Apparently, it’s by venturing into the fabulous domain of fashioning sports goods and apparel modelled after his style and personality.

It’s open knowledge that Ronaldo’s ties with Nike are amiable and sturdy. Combining his fondness for the brand with a transferral of his creativity beyond the confines of the field, Ronaldo established the CR7 Collection, his personal line of clothing and sports apparel.


For Ronaldo’s maiden voyage into a relatively unrelated domain, the CR7 collection encompasses a respectable variety of goods that might appeal to more than just Ronaldo’s horde of ardent fans. His love for premium white sneakers is visualised with a fresh and rather phosphorescent interpretation of the Nike5 Street Gato.

Another prominent part of the collection is the tops. Structured around casual attire, there’s a striking t-shirt with 7 stripes emblazoned across from top to bottom. Made of organic cotton, it’s available in 3 colours: White, red and blue.  There’s also a polo shirt (available in Solar Red) and a bluish interpretation of the AW77 hoody and M65 jacket.

Now, football fans will obviously be concerned about the inclusion of any paraphernalia related to the sport. Those worries can be thoroughly allayed in the next paragraph.

Ronaldo has infused the Mercurial series of boots with the Mercurial Vapor Superfly III. Designed to visually mirror his style on the pitch, it includes an adaptive traction system that generates extra grip and responsiveness in all situations, ensuring that not only is the player’s speed accentuated, but also augmented with faster pivoting movements, providing a player with an edge when he or she is engaged in a turning situation with their opponent and helping them to increase success in even the slimmest scoring chances. Completing the football set is the CR7 match ball, shin guards and backpack.

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