Producer: Gracelyn Lim
Videographers: Muk Qi En, Gracelyn Lim
Video Editor: Tan Fang Yi

Since the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, you might have noticed a rise in small businesses; Some of your friends might even be the ones starting a little side hustle out of their hobby. 

With a background in early childhood and a personal habit of giving cards to her friends, Pat Yuan Teng started The Designing Pat. Seeing value in handwritten cards, you can find a greeting card for any sort of occasion – whether it’s for Chinese New Year, Christmas, or even Teachers’ Day. 

Every card is handmade carefully with precision and love, no two cards are the same. What’s even more unique is that the cards here aren’t as two dimensional as you would envision an ordinary card to be. A majority of The Designing Pat’s cards come with interactive elements for you to play with. Cards aside, The Designing Pat also has an array of everyday items such as stickers, cup holders, enamel pins, and totes. 

Yuan Teng shares more about her journey as a small business owner, the joys and challenges, as well as tips and advice for aspiring small business owners.