During her final year in RMIT University Singapore, Aishwarya Vannan, 24, had to put up digital illustrations of her loved ones at Parenthesis, an exhibition for Design Communications students like her to showcase their works to potential employers.

Some visitors liked her work so much that they asked if they could buy her illustrations. Motivated by these positive responses, Ms Vannan started taking orders on her Instagram page in 2019.

She decided to create comical Tamil-language memes using her illustrations featuring well-known Indian celebrities such as Aishwarya Rai and Alia Batt. Her memes went viral on social media as people started reposting them.

Her Instagram account has more than 2,500 followers now. Her Pinterest account also has over 20,000 monthly views with people using her illustrations as wallpapers. 

One of her most popular illustrations features the 16 characters from the famous Netflix series, Money Heist

Watch this video to catch this illustrator in action.

24-year-old Aishwarya Vannan is well-known for illustrating comical memes of Indian movie stars. Watch the video to find out how she runs her own digital illustration business.