Producer: Kayla
Videographers: Kayla, Fang Yi
Video Editor: Fang Yi

When thinking about giving back to society, volunteering or donating to charities are likely the first things that come to mind. However, Sandy Ho has chosen to take a more unique approach to help the underprivileged – by baking and writing words of encouragement to them. 

By making the effort to bake everything from scratch and handwriting each card for her beneficiaries, Ho believes that she gives a more personal touch, allowing recipients to feel the love and sincerity she puts into every delivery. 

She started this journey by distributing her bakes to the rough sleepers at East Coast Park in 2012. Since then, she has baked for thousands of individuals from children’s homes, women’s shelters, halfway homes, and many more through her Facebook page, Baking With Love – Charity. Other bakers have also joined her in this mission to spread love to the underprivileged through baking. 

Find out more about Baking With Love as Ms Ho shares all about what it is, why she does it, and her most unforgettable moment throughout this journey – blessing a rough sleeper days before he passed away.