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The Lab SG signage

The Lab SG may sit amongst many other cafes in hip Arab Street but the small establishment refuses to blend into the background. Opened by Muhd Luqman Hakim, 28, and his wife, Rohaizan A Rahman, 34, The Lab SG prides itself on their motto, “We Experiment”.

The couple, both veteran servers in the F&B industry, was inspired by the TV show, Breaking Bad, to open a café with experimental food and presentation style, which aims to include diners in their experiments.

The Lab SG counter

The small but impressive café has a quirky, wacky feel to it that Instagrammers will love. Brass pipes spelling out its name on the wall and tables are made from recycled pallets. The focal point of the aesthetics: a curious counter framed by incandescent bulbs and a hanging rack which displays an array of scientific looking trinkets (sadly, they’re not for sale).

Luqman tells us that he and his friends cobbled together most of the café from scratch as they wanted to integrate recycling and the all-natural feel into the food and the place. The laid-back vibe is enhanced by the choice of ambient music.


The Lab SG’s prevalent wackiness has infected the menu too as we are presented with sheets of thick card clamped together by a hanger. The menu of halal offerings are no less unusual than the actual menu’s presentation, with items such as Tuna Pear Jalapeno Melt and Russian Roulade, all ranging from $12 to $18. However, we had expected a more extensive menu, considering their experimental relationship with food; they meddle with unconventional pairings of ingredients and flavours here.

The café’s signature, the Heisenburger ($15), named after Breaking Bad’s protagonist, is accompanied by sweet potato fries that smell more enticing than the juicy beef patty. The sweet caramelised onion and salty blue cheese balance out the succulent patty nicely and the bun didn’t absorb all the jus from the patty, staying firm and doughy. And boy, are those fries addictive!

Chicken Russian Roulade

Already intriguing by name, the Russian Roulade ($16) [Rolled meat that’s stuffed] further intrigues palates. The mild basil cream is a surprisingly great complement to the perfectly roasted and tender chicken. It doesn’t overwhelm the meat but focuses on the natural charm a roasted chicken thigh has.

Whilst the food lacks the same science-y visual flair of the café, the drinks definitely make up for it. The Heisenberg Sparkler ($6.50) comes with a syringe of Blue Curacao syrup (don’t worry, it’s non-alcoholic) so that diners may vary the sweetness to taste. Similarly, their Iced Caramel Macchiato ($6.50) arrives with a large syringe of espresso for those either looking for a strong brew or a mild pick-me-up.

Heisenberg Sparkler and Yam Latte

The first drink to catch our eye, however, is the Yam Latte ($5.50) . It proves to be an unusual but welcome cuppa that’s not too sweet with satisfying maltiness.

The Lab SG is a café with a fun concept that encourages diners to play with their food. The proprietors wish for the café to be a platform for building communities and in the cramped but cosy interior, that’s not too tall an order. To continually reinforce their theme, they also offer monthly specials featuring their experimental cuisine. Certainly a joint to include on your café trail to experience its small wonder for yourself.



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Address: 1 Jalan Pisang, #01-01

Contact Details: (+65) 6299 5681



Opening Hours: 12.30pm –10pm



Photos courtesy of Klix Photography

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