Cafe Review: The Laneway Market

The Laneway Market Cafe

It took us a good 15 minutes to locate The Laneway Market. Hidden in a laneway (thus the name) at the turn from Tanjong Katong Road to Boscombe Road, it was blocked from view by the imposing Chelsea Lodge next to it. However, the quaint cafe was more than worth the wait (especially for our stomachs).

With a pervasive upbeat and relaxed vibe, the 4-month old Laneway Market greets visitors with its rustic décor, with dried flowers and leaves arranged in glass pots hung from the ceiling. A small pot of potpourri helms every table.

It has an accidental “New York” vibe, remarks café owner Christopher Tan, 24, who pulled the look together. He started Laneway Market in a leap of faith after his last business (Kreme Couture bakery) fell through as he is passionate about food.

The Laneway Market Menu

In line with the trend of unconventional looking menus, we are handed a clipboard to pick our meal. The Laneway Market has a surprisingly wide offering of mostly East-West fusion dishes at reasonable prices ($12 to $18).

Each dish that arrives has a unique presentation. The Truffle Mash ($12) arrives in an enclosed globe, with a side of bread chunks arranged on the cover.

Truffle Mash, Laneway Cuppa, Cappucchino, Dashi Risotto

The Dashi [Japanese fish broth] Risotto ($17) is less extravagant looking than the Truffle Mash; it is simple served with a half boiled egg nestled in a moat of rice. It emitted an almost cloying aroma of earthiness and ‘meatiness’ from the generous morsels of mushroom, garnished with more Swiss mushrooms.

It has just the right texture: creamy but not glutinous, which gives it a pleasing mouthfeel. Each bite has an eggy finish with a perfect balance between salty and savoury, complemented by the sweetness of the broth absorbed into the grains. The risotto proves to be a thoroughly satisfying dish with an “umami” oomph.

Truffle Mash

The Truffle Mash, determined not to be overshadowed, entices us with its fragrance to dig in. The chunks of bread go well with the piquant mash and eggs that may be too potent on their own. Finishing each flavourful mouthful with a bite of the salty crunchy bacon, it proves to be too luxurious for breakfast but more than sufficient for lunch.

We particularly appreciate the use of alfalfa, a milder garnish than the more common (and harsher) cilantro, in both dishes.


The Laneway Market has an admittedly standard drink menu. However, traditional café fare is given a twist here. The Laneway Cuppa ($6) is their special blend of Sumatran and Ethiopian beans infused with a shot of coconut essence, which balances the tartness. Reinvigorating but mellow, it partners the savoury dishes well.

The best surprise, however, is the best home-made Iced Lemon Tea ($5.50) we’ve ever had. It has the fresh flavour of lemon but isn’t overpowering. A refreshing change from the usual sugary tea with a cursory slice of lemon, it’s a true iced lemon tea after our own heart. That, and the great food in the modern but cosy ambience definitely makes The Laneway Market worth a repeat visit.


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Address: 266 Tanjong Katong Road

Contact Details: (+65) 6719 8832




Opening Hours: 10am –9.30pm


Photos courtesy of Renald Loh

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