Yang Minfei (Jessica Liu) detested Chinese medical practitioners because they wrongly diagnosed her mother and thus it led to the latter’s death. That’s why she studied Western medicine. Her precise and professional judgment on issues earned her respect in the medical field. On the other hand, Wu Guoen (Christopher Lee) decided to study traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) because of an accident that caused him to be suspended from medical school. It is fated that the 2 would meet each other sooner or later.

The Oath, produced by Molby Low and story planned by Ho Hee Ann, is a drama series that runs for 20 episodes. It debuts on Oct 25 and airs every Monday to Friday, 9pm on MediaCorp’s Channel 8.

What viewers should look out in this show is the complexity of relationships in it. A lot of factors played a part in the characters’ decision to do certain things. One of which was Ye Zhi Yi’s (Ann Kok) attempt at suicide. Zhi Yi was Guoen’s girlfriend before he went overseas to study TCM, but because they didn’t have a clean break, she plunged into depression after being stressed out about work and relationships.

Ann noted that she wouldn’t have tried to kill herself if she was Zhi Yi and she feels that whatever Zhi Yi did, were just attempts to salvage her relationship with Guoen.

As for Christopher, when asked to choose between a relationship of love or gratitude, he chose love. “You can return someone’s gratitude anytime, but there’s only one true love. You will feel obliged to stay with the person you have gratitude towards, but you won’t have any happiness with her because you don’t truly love her. However, if two parties have feelings for each other, everything will work out and their love will blossom. Without these feelings, there will be no love.”

In The Oath, there are many scenarios whereby our characters are thrown into a situation when they have to make difficult choices. This is shown especially when Guoen witnessed an accident and the casualty might have died without immediate medical attention.

When posed with the question of whether she would do the same as Guoen if she were him, Jessica said no. “I feel that if I don’t have the right to save someone’s life, I wouldn’t do that. Who knows if I might kill him accidentally because of my actions? So unless I am very confident that my actions will save that person, then I won’t do it.”

Besides the trio, the cast also included Ix Shen, who recently came back from China (to further his acting career), as well as veterans like Richard Low and Chen Shu Cheng. Also, rising stars like Zhang Zhen Huan and Kate Pang play as the newer doctors in Glory General Hospital.

Photos courtesy of Noel Teo and MediaCorpTV.

Nail-biting and exciting, The Oath promises to be your next favourite apart from other medical TV shows you’ve watched before. Besides, what’s more fun than watching your idols panick in operations and surgeries?

The Oath debuts on Oct 25 and runs every weeknight at 9pm on MediaCorp’s Channel 8.