If you’ve ever cursed the flowing locks that models toss so effortlessly in hair ads, it’s probably because even after following a long list of rules, your own crowning glory is still easily damaged by unavoidable exposure to natural elements like the sun and sea water.

Given our busy schedule, products that treat dry or dull hair, without requiring slavish compliance with all the “right” hair care habits, are definitely a godsend.

That’s why UrbanWire’s excited about 3 of these new products, intended to be left in the hair, and another no-fuss facial cleanser, that will be available here from next January.

We were invited to have a first peek at a preview launch at Butter Studio, which was transformed into an enchanting garden filled with overhanging vines, camellia blossoms and cotton-wool clouds, for upcoming products by Tsubaki and Senka, owned by popular Japanese hair care and cosmetics brand, Shiseido.

Tsubaki Out-of-Bath Series

Tsubaki’s new Out-of-Bath series was created to complement its In-Bath products such as shampoos and conditioners, by providing women with a complete suite of hair care.

‘Tsubaki” is Japanese for the Camellia flower, because all its products contain camellia oil ingredients. Although it has been established in Japan since 2006, its line of hair care products only came into the Singapore market in 2010. The 3 new products are:

The Damage Care Hair Water ($16.90/250ml) is a moisturiser spray that repairs dry and brittle hair for a smooth and manageable feel, while providing a refreshing scent with floral and green notes.

The Shining Hair Water ($16.90/250ml) is another spray that replenishes moisture and shine to dehydrated hair, without leaving the pesky oily feel as certain hair care products can make hair look greasy at times. The scent is similar to the Damage Care Hair Water.

The Damage Care Hair Emulsion ($16.90/100ml), which penetrates deep into the core of each hair shaft to repair and restore suppleness and lustre from roots to tips without leaving any sticky residue.

In comparison, a similar leave-on product by Kao targets the minimization of frizz. The Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Anti Frizz Serum instantly smoothens damaged hair, and frizz is visibly reduced. For Singapore’s humid weather, a product that’s able control hair from frizzing up would probably be more useful.

Senka Speedy Perfect Whip

After a long day at work, or play, facial cleansing isn’t something we look forward to. To help cut down the time this takes, the Speedy Perfect Whip by Senka was developed.

You may have had trouble raising a thick lather from normal cleansers, but with the Speedy Perfect Whip, a slight push of the pump dispenses a creamy lather that can be spread smoothly on the face. In comparison, it takes about 30 seconds to create a foamy lather with the traditional Perfect Whip.

The Speedy Perfect Whip also gently removes excess oil and dirt without stripping the skin of its essential moisture. With silk extract as a moisturiser, it leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth after application.

Senka, which launched in Singapore in 2012, may not be as well known, but it has its fans.

“Senka helps to maintain beauty, as using its products always makes my skin feel naturally smooth and refreshed,” said Evalee Lin, 24-year-old freelance actress/blogger.

Keep your eyes peeled for these products in Watsons stores in early 2014!

Tsubaki Damage Care Hair Emulsion, Damage Care Hair Water and Shining Hair Water will be available at $16.90 each exclusively in Watsons stores from Feb 6.

Senka Speedy Perfect Whip (150ml) and Speedy Perfect Whip Refill Pack (130ml) can be bought at $13.90 and $10.90 only at selected Watsons stores, from Jan 30.

Photo courtesy of Lucas Wee