Sony Camera-Hand Official Image
The youngsters about town need help.

Firstly, they’re youth with a zest for life. They don’t just live the moment, but they capture it as memories. They’re sociable, passionate and always eager to try out new experiences, which is why they need help by their sides. Or rather, in their bags!

Enter the new Sony a5100, which is shaping up to be the ultimate companion for both guys and girls who are food-photography enthusiasts, fashionistas and travelers all at once.

Here are 10 reasons to snap away with the Sony a5100!


1. Staying connected

In this digital age, real-time updating is very important! It’s become a part and parcel of every teenager’s life. We’ve to immediately let everyone know what we had for lunch, or our outfit of the day (#OOTD). This is where the Wi-Fi function in the a5100 comes in handy.

Staying Connected - OOTD on camera_opt
An OOTD, as it appears on the a5100

With the PlayMemories app (available on the App Store and Google Play), it’s now easier for you to upload those crystal-clear shots taken with the a5100, to your smartphone or computer.
Staying Connected - PlayMemories App_opt

Voila! You can now edit your photographs on your smartphone or computer using your favorite photo-editing apps, and in no time, you can upload them on your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Watch the likes and comments roll in.

Staying Connected - OOTD Instagram_cropped
And…the OOTD as it appears on Instagram!


2. Selfies made easier!

One of these days, you might meet your favorite celebrity on the street! Or you might be exploring a path off the beaten track with your friends. Share those unforgettable moments with your friends and family by taking a we-fie.

Flip over the 3” large LCD screen and aim the lens at yourself. Adjusting the zoom can be done from the front of the lens. After the shutter goes off, you’ll find that your skin somehow looks airbrushed? The secret is in the a5100’s in-built ‘beauty’ filter that automatically standardizes skin tones and masks blemishes. What a godsend.


Sony Camera-Flipscreen Official Image

Selfies Made Easier - Selfie 1_opt
A selfie taken at an event!


 3. On Point

You don’t have to worry about the quality of your pictures with the Sony a5100, as its megapixel count is a whopping 24.3 pixels! If you want to expand or crop your photographs to be made into personalized prints, the Sony a5100’s superior megapixel count will ensure that your pictures are rendered in flawless quality, regardless of resolution. There is no loss of detail with every pixel rendered as it is seen in real life. The a5100 also uses a sensor size that is the same as the ones used in mid-range DSLRs.

On Point - Artiste_opt
YouTube star Tiffany Alvord playing the guitar for us :)
On Point - Pasta_opt
A steaming bowl of pasta…yum!

4. Zeroing In

Surely most of us must find this dilemma familiar. What if you need to take a close-up shot of that scoop of ice cream, but it’s melting into soup right in the cup? Or what if you need to capture a dress, but the model is moving way too much?

That’s where the a5100’s speedy autofocus comes in handy. With the fastest autofocus speed of 0.07 seconds in the world, you can get perfectly focused shots in a minimal amount of time!

Zeroing In - Fries copy_opt


Zeroing In - Icecream Waffles_opt

5. It ain’t heavy, it’s the a5100

The a5100 weighs 224 grams (body only), and fits comfortably in your clutch purses and bags. With its slim, streamlined build and solid textured grip, it feels secure in your hands. It’s designed to be used single-handedly, which is why most of the controls are conveniently placed to the right side of the camera! The grip for the camera is textured as well, so you have a firm grasp of the camera without dropping it when framing your subject.

It Ain't Heavy - Single-handed Use_opt
The camera is designed for single-handed use as well

It Ain't Heavy - Placing Camera into Clutch_opt

6. Switch it up!

The Sony a5100 isn’t billed as the world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera for nothing! Although it comes with a 16-50mm/f/3.5-5.6 power zoom lens, a wide range of lens can be used for the a5100, either from Sony or other manufacturers. This ensures that you can get the most out of your a5100! The navigation keys on the main dial can also be customized to provide different options.

 Sony CX78300_hand_NFC_white Official Image

7. Life in Motion

The a5100 doesn’t fall back in the video department either, so you don’t have to use your mobile phones just yet. The video function has a dedicated button, located on the top spine of the camera.

The a5100 is capable of full high-definition video recording at 1080p/60fps and can even record simultaneously in 1080p and 720p. It also lets you know when your audio levels are too high through the peaking function.

8. Tap and Go

Did you know – the a5100’s LCD screen has touchscreen capabilities and allows users to adjust the autofocus (Touch Focus) and shutter (Touch Shutter)? This comes in useful if pressing the main button takes too much time. Simply tap on the screen to fire the shutter.

Tap and Go - Shutter

 9. Beauty is in the Eye of the a5100

If you want to edit your photographs on the a5100 itself, there’s a great selection of creative styles and picture effects you can choose from. Without using a filter, colors in the photographs are vivid with the right amount of saturation.

With the filters, these colors are amped up a few notches, resulting in dynamic photographs and an eye-catching aesthetic. For creative styles, there are options such as Portrait, B&W and Vivid.

And this one’s especially for the foodies – have you ever wanted to photograph an amazing dish but you were put off by the dim lighting in the restaurant? The beauty filter coincidentally does for food what it does for visages – it makes food look more appealing and vividly colored.

Beauty is in - Marshmallow_opt (1)


Beauty is in - Beauty Filter_opt

10. Life in Technicolor

The a5100 has a great line-up of picture effects. Choose from Posterization, Toy Camera, Soft High Key, Soft Focus, Rich-Tone Monochrome, HDR Painting, Pop Color, Retro Photo, Partial Color, High-Contrast Monochrome and Miniature. The effects also have various degrees of intensity and colors. If you’re into the nitty-gritty of editing, you’ll be spending a lot of time on these effects.

Life in Technicolor - Group Picture_opt


Life in Technicolor - Plants_opt


Life In Technicolor - Scenery_opt

Ultimately, if you’re looking for the quality of a DSLR camera, but the ease-of-use and compactness of a point-and-shoot, the a5100 is for you. Solid yet slim, it is the perfect companion to bring when you know you’re going to be taking a lot of photographs.

You don’t have to worry about framing the perfect selfie, because it’s made possible with the a5100’s flip-out screen. Relax and enjoy making those memories, because this friend has got your back.