Most people would be grossed out by the sight of dead animals rotting away, but this is certainly not the case for Vivian Tham.

For her, preserving dead animals and insects –  also known as Taxidermy, is her hobby, passion and full-time job.

Taxidermied Morpho didius butterflies on a mannequin. Photo Credit: Vivian Tham

The 29-year-old is the founder of Blackcrow Taxidermy and Art, a business she started about two years ago, in hopes of creating handmade specimens and educating the public on this unique fusion of science and art.

Find out more about what it takes to be a Taxidermist in this exclusive interview, where we visit Vivian and her workspace.

“Reviving” the dead, Vivian shows how she plants her taxidermy magic and makes the dead creatures come to life!