“It’s gonna be f**kin’ beautiful!” says Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.   His legendary rock and roll band promised a full-on rock show that’s going to “kick their (fans’) a**es off.” “We are gonna mash it up with some of the best.” You better believe it.

We’re hours away from the biggest international award show that’s going to be held at the Marina Bay Sands Mastercard Theatres on May 24. Earlier today, UrbanWire had the chance to meet the global stars that will grace the world’s first social superstar award show at the Social Star Awards press conference at Marina Bay Sands hosted by Hong Kong VJ and E! News Asia presenter Dominic Lau.

If you can’t wait to hear what Psy, Aerosmith, Carly Rae and SkyBlu said at the press conference, scroll down to the respective sections below:

Psy’s biggest victory  

Carly Rae stays away from the media

Crocodile Hunter wannabe SkyBlu

 Aerosmith and women

Singapore’s very lucky to be chosen as the venue to host the inaugural event. Paul Morrison and Drew Thomson, CEOs of organizer Starcount were asked by the media countless times why they chose Singapore.

“Singapore connects East and West,” is Morrison’s reply. The CEOs wanted a global award show to celebrate social media stars and they thought this country fits the bill perfectly. Both promised it will be a show unlike any other or “we’ll shoot ourselves in the foot” says Thomson.

With an expected 1,500 attendees at the award show and hundreds of millions of viewers watching the award show live on Youtube, the show promises surprises. Foreseeing the success and the future of the awards show, Thomson jokes that “(We’ll be) dealing with our Scottish accents for the next 5 years.”

Those at the event have a chance to feel star struck especially in the presence of  Korean superstar Psy and Rock and Roll fall of famers Aerosmith. Other big names include “Call Me Maybe” Carly Rae Jepson, YouTube sensations Chester See and dubstep dancer Marquese Scott, Japanese Beatboxer Hikakin and half of the Party Rock duo LMFAO, SkyBlu.

The terms celebrity and star have been revolutionized thanks to the world of social media. “We are watching the words YouTube star transition into star.”

For YouTube sensation Chester See, if not for the recommendation from fellow YouTuber David Choi who taught him how to start a Youtube account 6 years ago, he might not be who he is.


Psy’s biggest victory

 The 35-year-old Korean superstar dressed in black and white and spiked Louboutins may have won over people worldwide, but his biggest fight was against his wife. The prize, the favour of his twin daughters. Previously, the girls loved their mum more, however, after watching him sing a song on a plane that was wired to the big screens of show at a stadium in Korea that’s broadcasted on television, the girls went “Wow, daddy’s flying.” “Now I win my wife,” Psy proudly said.

Psy was laying on the jokes in broken English to make reporters laugh throughout the interview. He also very candidly admitted to being a weak student.

The star of YouTube’s most-watched video “Gangnam Style”, is full of praises for the local dancers whom he met the last time he was in town, saying that the “artistic young kids” at O School remind him of his childhood. Psy tells us how he was also not academically inclined. “We are not good at academic, but that doesn’t mean (we’re) not good at anything.”

Psy recounts when he met actor Jackie Chan last year, the famous Hong Kong star who crossed over to Hollywood told him, “You inherit me. You are the second Asian kid to do something in the Western culture.”

Despite the success from “Gangnam Style”, Psy says he’s moving on and he “cannot beat Gangnam style forever.” He also credited Singaporeans for his success and dedicates his performance of his new hit single “Gentleman” at the show as a “payback time to Singapore for their support.” “I am going to sing a song called Gentleman, but I am not going to a gentleman on stage.”


Carly Rae stays away from the media

27-year-old Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepson owes her fame to social media. The second runner up of the fifth season of Canadian Idol shot to fame after fellow countryman superstar Justin Beiber tweeted about her song “Call Me Maybe” and even did a sing-along video with girlfriend Selena Gomez, Disney star Ashley Tisdale and other friends on YouTube. Her video eventually garnered more than 60 million hits.

The starlet told the media at the press conference that she stays grounded by sheltering herself from the media and concentrating on her songs . With popularity also comes its “incredible amount of work” said Jepson. Time with family, friends and sleep had to be sacrificed, but she’s thankful to have loving people around her who would have “skype dates” and phone calls with her.


Crocodile Hunter wannabe SkyBlu

“I wanted to be Steve Irwin,” said SkyBlu of LMFAO, a big fan of the late “Crocodile Hunter” in his childhood. His rapper name was derived from his birth name Skylar. He told us that his fellow LMFAO mate Redfoo got his name because of his red hair and his constant behaviour like a “fool”. When others strived to be reach the top on other social media platforms, the duo wanted to be #1 on MySpace, which they eventually achieved.


Aerosmith and women

Well-known for being a Casanova even at 65, Steven Tyler describes Singapore women as “a great melting pot of a lot of different kinds.” Despite their compliments for how great the food, women, sights and even the heat of our country are, they were fast to pick out the biggest issue Singaporeans face when Joey Kramer asked us reporters “How do you live with the prices?”

The band members may all be well in their 60s, but they remain very young at heart. What’s their elixir of youth? Music. “I’ve married it and I live it and I breathe it.” Steven Tyler says, and cheekily adds, “Plus women do something to me too I can’t explain.”

Ex-American Idol judge Tyler may be the center of attention of the band with his high-pitched screams and flamboyant personality, let’s not forget 2 of the Greatest Guitarists of All Time in the Guinness Book of Records Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. The band isn’t complete without their drummer and honorary Chairman of the 2007 Boston Music Awards, Joey Kramer. Sadly, their bassist Tom Hamilton couldn’t make it due to health issues.

All photos by John Tan of StreetPeek

What are the rockers’ last words going to be when Armageddon strikes? “Yikes?” replied Tyler and “I told you so,” said Perry, which sent the media laughing.

Tyler reconsidered and decided that “Love” would be a better way to bid the world goodbye.


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