From playing Minecraft in his room to gaming on stage during national tournaments; 19-year-old James Yap has since taken his passion in gaming to the next level.

Also known by his in-game name Liquid 2K, James co-founded FyR Esports last year, along with his fellow gaming enthusiasts and the manager of his former team Reality Rift.

James’ father, who used to be a game developer, provided the seed funding for FyR Esports and guided James in managing the startup.

Through this startup, James and his partners aim to help brands reach out to Gen-Zs through esports, as well as provide content and support for budding pro gamers in the long run.

In this video, James shares about his journey venturing into the professional gaming industry.

Proofread By: Ruth Loo Hui En and Tay Yi Ling Stacey