Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Jun at Bad and Crazy press conference
Bad and Crazy leads Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Jun posing at the press conference for their new Korean drama. Photo Credit: iQiyi

One thing you can look forward to in the upcoming iQiyi Original Korean drama Bad and Crazy is the perfect chemistry between Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Jun

In a press conference held on 13 Dec, Wi Ha Jun, who rose to global fame after playing  a cop in Squid Game, shared that he works well with Lee even without detailed coordination.

“[Lee Dong Wook] did not have to practise at all to pull off all those action scenes with me,” he said. “We had a great chemistry.”

Lee Dong Wook also agreed that they were “a great team”, and their “bromance and chemistry” are clearly shown in the drama.

Leads of Bad and Crazy
Lee Dong Wook plays Ryu Su Yeol, the “bad” cop, and Wi Ha Jun plays the “crazy” K in Bad and Crazy. Photo Credit: iQiyi

The 12-episode action-packed drama centres on Ryu Su Yeol, the “bad” cop who’s competent but morally questionable. He changes after meeting the “crazy” K, a righteous man who wants to uphold justice in a corrupt world. 

Wi Ha Jun shared that he trained a lot before filming in order to pull off the action scenes well. He also watched many comedies to prepare for his comedic role, and tried to stay in character and be the joker on set, even though he’s not funny in real life.

He added: “I just wanted to let go of myself and break the mold that I have.”

As for Lee Dong Wook, who’s known for his roles in My Girl and Goblin, it’s more about improvisation than thorough preparation.

He said: “[The director] allowed me to act however I thought to act and I try to have as many conversations as possible with [him] in terms of the details of the character on set.”

Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Jun action scene
Lee Dong Wook and Wi Ha Jun complimented each other well during the action scenes in Bad and Crazy. Photo Credit: iQiyi

Throughout the press conference, the two actors praised each other frequently. 

Lee Dong Wook commended Wi Ha Jun, who “volunteered and offered to do his action scenes and the really difficult stunts”, although a stunt double was available. 

Wi Ha Jun also complimented Lee Dong Wook, saying that the latter worked really hard for his action scenes.

When Lee Dong Wook jokingly said that the action scenes were a “war against exhaustion”, Wi Ha Jun teased: “[Lee Dong Wook] really had it tough, my action scenes turned out more beautiful [thanks to him].” 

Bad and Crazy premieres this Friday, 17 Dec, on iQiyi International.

Catch the highlights of Bad and Crazy here:

Proofread By: Rytasha Passion Raj