Apart from unnecessarily long lectures in halls that seem to mirror wintry Siberia, there’s hardly a reason for us to bundle up in layers of knit and thermal. And if you happen to throw in a pair of earmuffs and mittens, you probably have to prepare yourself for some colloquial verbal abuse and maybe a heat stroke.

But the happy, fashion people of Topshop and Topman make winter wear look so good, especially with their current collection.

The British fashion house held their launch on the outside of ION Orchard on September 30, with some of the crème of Singapore’s fashion scene gracing the front rows.

The 5 rows of bench space were on a first-come-first-served basis. That meant you had to pull out your ugly Singaporean claws to get a seat, or you were going to end up like the majority of the crowd, standing and huddled together like finely dressed penguins (Balenciaga F/W 2011, anybody?).

Topman opened the show with a whole bevy of sweaters and pullovers that make you want to cuddle in front of a fire on a rainy day, or if you bought a size big enough, curl up in it like a cat.

But of course it feels like no Topman collection is complete if we didn’t see at least a sliver of prep. There were sweater over shirts combos, and flannel shirts buttoned all the way up, neatly tucked into pants.

The hues mostly gravitated towards the muted autumn-winter sort (burgundy, mud and camel), but there was the incredibly random splash of colour, in the form of shirts that could easily be mistaken for those glorious Persian carpets at Tanjong Katong complex.

Who forgets outerwear for a fall/winter collection? Topman had quite an array of blazers, coats and sports jackets for the boys. And they were all in colours, cuts and designs you can be sure will be eternalized as wardrobe staples.

Topshop came straight after, centre-parted hair slicked back into a low ponytail, not a cowlick or stray hair in sight. This was a strong contrast to the look of their previous collection of pieces Florence Welch would probably wear whilst foraying into the forest.

Trust the house’s female half to offer an entire platter of looks to suit everyone. This time round, there were four main themes: Bavaria, Glam Underground, New Mod, and Prime Polish.

Bavaria was Topshop’s answer to the recent Nordic obsession shared by fashionistas and hipsters alike. The sweaters came in the unmistakable abstract Scandinavian print, making them infinitely more wearable than those ones with kittens genial old ladies wear while they’re knitting (or if you’re a Weasley, your initials on it). Grandma’s love not included though.

New Mod, as its name so explicitly suggests, is a revamp of the era Twiggy reigned. The signature clean cuts and pop colours of the 60s were introduced with a twist, whether in the form of flowy chiffon pleats or ribbon cut-outs with lace underlay.

As if catered for the grunge socialite who finds utter delirium in soirees with fellow non-conformists that sway to the heavy beats of Garbage and Patrick Wolf, the outfits for Glam Underground looked like combinations only the most skilled of fashion maestros could achieve. The mismatch and clashing print that would have been disastrous if not done properly, created looks that were pleasingly unconventional.

And, finally, Prime Polish, an ode to the impossibly evil Cruella De Vil and her unforgiving obsession with Dalmatian coats. Fortunately, no pups had to undergo vicious sacrifice for the sake of this collection. Instead, they’ve been immortalized in print, lending the outfits that bit of posh oomph De Vil is overflowing with (you can’t deny that she-devil knows how to dress!).

Post-show frenzy included a mad dash for the Topshop/Topman stores at the basement, where everything on the runway was available and ready to be snagged, bagged and dragged all the way home into the closets of style slaves and their fashion friends.

Photos courtesy of Samuel Ow

If you’re still doubtful about the practicality of thick clothing in our sweltering shores, but are completely smitten by the collection, get them anyway. All you need to do is throw a big bash, force friends to come in winter wear, and crank up the aircon and all the fans in your house. Maybe throw open the fridge door too.

Topshop/Topman’s F/W 2011 is available at all of their outlets. Check out the list of stores here.