This year, I want to get at least eight hours of sleep a day.
I want to exercise at least once a week. 
I want to spend more time on self-care.

Do these sound familiar? Perhaps they are some of the 2021 new year resolutions that you never really got round to achieving.

If that’s the case, why not try using a habit tracking app to up your chances of fulfilling your 2022 resolutions? Check out our 3 recommendations.

habit tracking apps logo
Habit tracking apps Loop Habit Tracker, Streaks and Habitify (left to right). Photo credit: Apple App Store and Google Play Store

1. Streaks 

Streaks is a habit tracking app that makes use of to-do lists to help users track and accomplish their goals. 

It allows users to add desired tasks to their to-do lists or choose from the given options, such as cycling, reading and walking the dog, just to name a few. The app also helps users break bad habits by allowing them to create “negative tasks” such as “don’t drink coffee”. 

The app can track up to 24 habits a day. It creates a streak when users complete their tasks over consecutive days. These tasks can be scheduled for any chosen day and time, and users can decide how many times a day they want to complete each task.

However, the streak resets to zero if a task is not completed. To ensure that users stick to their schedules, Streaks automatically sends a reminder whenever a task needs to be done, which can be accompanied by a jingle of the user’s choice. 

To get an overview of one’s habit streaks and statistics, users simply have to tap on the star button at the bottom right of the screen. They can also view how often their habit tasks were completed and the respective day and time of completion. To further analyse their progress on an individual task, users can tap on its unique task icon to view a breakdown of the data.

streaks app logo
Users can view detailed information about their progress clearly and with ease. Screenshots from: Streaks

With more than 78 colour themes and 600 task icon designs to select from, users can even customise the look and feel of the app as they wish. 

There’s also a function that allows users to share their tasks with other users—it’s a great tool to get friends and family to keep each other accountable while building good habits!

The app can be paired with the Apple Health app which comes with iPhones and Apple Watches and collects data like the number of steps taken, the time spent exercising and even the number of hours spent sleeping.

Streaks is available for download on iOS, Apple Watch and macOS devices.The Streaks Legacy version app for macOS is free to download while the Streaks app that supports macOS, iPhone and Apple Watch costs $6.99. 

2. Loop Habit Tracker

Loop Habit Tracker is an ad-free habit tracking app designed for Android users. 

Its features include a tracker dashboard filled with statistics and charts detailing users’ progress over a period of time, allowing them to look back on their progress history. Users can even export their habit data as a spreadsheet if they want to analyse it further.  

The app uses a formula to calculate how strong users’ habits are based on how often they are repeated. In gist, consistently performing a habit increases the habit score, while missing a day decreases it. 

Unlike Streaks, not completing tasks will not cause the user’s progress to be reset to zero, so there’s a bit more flexibility for users.

Users can schedule their habits according to their preferences—be it daily, a few times weekly, once every other week, so on and so forth—and set reminders for respective habits at any time of the day. 

loop app logo
Once users have created a habit task and completed it for the day, they can mark it as completed by pressing and holding on the “×” icon. They may also view their progress by tapping on the task header. Screenshots from: Loop Habit Tracker

Users can also track their habits through widgets on their home screen and snooze, dismiss or check reminders without having to open the app. The app can also be viewed in the classic light mode or elegant dark mode. 

Loop Habit Tracker can be used offline, letting users save on their data plans. Users won’t need to register for an online account either as their habit data remains exclusively on their device.  

Users can download Loop Habit Tracker from Google Playstore and track an unlimited number of habits for free with no in-app purchases required.

3. Habitify 

The Habitify app lets users categorise their habits into folders according to the different aspects of life, by time—either morning, afternoon or evening—or by customised categories. 

To precisely track users’ data, the app allows users to choose their task status—either skipped, failed or completed. Users can also view their progress through insightful charts detailing their streaks, time of check-in, completion rate, daily performance and yearly analysis to better understand themselves. 

Users can create and track three habits, create one mood log and one image note a day. They can also write 10 reflection notes on their progress per week.

Users can choose to create a good habit or break a bad habit. They may also create a mood log to document their mood changes over a period of time. Screenshots from: Habitify

The app has free and premium versions. The premium plan allows users to have unlimited usage of the various features, along with a privacy lock on the app.

Upgrading to the premium plan costs $5.99 per month, $45.49 a year, or $79.99 for a lifetime subscription. These are promo prices available to first-time users. 

The app is available for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Android devices, and includes both mobile and desktop versions. 

We hope that these three habit-tracking apps will help you achieve your 2022 resolutions and become a better version of yourself. Happy new year!

Proofread By Rytasha Passion Raj