Want to pull off a front sault or side flip on the trampoline?

It’s achievable, according to the host working at BOUNCE Singapore, so long as one has no severe medical condition and is given proper guidance.

The indoor trampoline park launched a “This is Freestyle” campaign recently. It encourages park-goers (at least 3 years old) to ask its guides for tips on how to pull off basic moves like “seat drop” and “salmon” to trickier ones like “kaboom” and “swivel hips”.

But are these cool trampoline tricks really for all ages?

The UrbanWire followed 12-year-old Rachel, 21-year-old Seth and 45-year-old Ivy as they learned to master the moves from Shabir, a BOUNCE Singapore host. Find out how well they fare and if this is for you.

*Torsa Das, a co-author of this piece, is a part-time staff at BOUNCE Singapore.