Like many others, I’ve jumped on the indoor workout bandwagon since Covid-19 struck. Working out in our own homes is still the safest way to stay fit amid the pandemic. 

It helps that I have a plethora of free workout videos to choose from on YouTube, such as those by Brunei-born Chloe Ting and Canada-born Emi Wong. Both are popular fitness trainers who have amassed millions of subscribers. But I’m also consciously looking out for made-in-Singapore content. That’s how I came across Sofeah Samsuddin’s “maximum afterburn” video on YouTube lately. 

Sofeah is a medical student from the National University of Singapore (NUS). The 23-year-old is also an instructor at fitness studio Ground Zero

After all fitness studios were asked to shutter during the circuit breaker period, Sofeah started making her own workout videos and posting them online. The fitness enthusiast also conducts classes via Zoom in a bid to raise funds for affected communities. She says she accepts donations in any amount, and the money will be used to buy meals for foreign workers, for instance. 

I decided to give Sofeah’s “maximum burn” workout a try. Find out how long my muscles burn post-workout in this video.