Mr John Chong, the founder of BEE AMAZED garden, aims to debunk the misconceptions people have about bees. Photo Credit: Vivian Ong, Aqilah Salim and Mabel Lee.

Mr John Chong used to look after students as a teacher and vice-principal. But for the past year, he’s been looking after 3 beehives at BEE AMAZED Garden, an urban bee farm that he founded at Kampung Kampus in northern Singapore. 

While he’s left education for urban beekeeping, Mr Chong is still very much an educator, offering regular tours and workshops on anything from the conservation ecology of bees, the properties of honey, to the principles and best practices of beekeeping. 

Most important of all, he would like more people to understand that bees are NOT out to harm us. But what should we do when we encounter a bee swarm? How do we protect ourselves from bee stings? 

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