Feb 14 is near, bringing along a whiff of romance. Here in food-obsessed Singapore, what better way to spend this special day than indulging in desserts? UrbanWire takes you on a romantic date to our favourite dessert places.


For the Blossoming Couple ~ Bonheur Patisserie

If you are planning on a casual first date, Bonheur Patisserie might just be the right place. The dim lighting and pure all-white interior of the patisserie doesn’t put too much pressure on you and yet sets the stage for an engaging conversation over a cup of tea and a dessert.

For their Valentine’s Day menu this year, Bonheur Patisserie is taking inspiration from the 4 flavours of a relationship (Sweet, Sour, Bitter, and Spicy) and incorporating them into macarons ($2.50/pc). Available in Caramel, Passion fruit Curd, Bitter Choc, and Spicy Choc respectively, each delicate macaron shell melts to reveal a different taste you’re bound to love.

Representing the sweetness of love, the Caramel macaron isn’t just saccharine-sweet. The pure caramel filling has a sticky and chewy consistency, with just a tinge of saltiness to balance out the flavour.

Bitter love never tasted this good. With Bitter Choc, which contains a rich blend of chocolate – 72% Valrhona, 100% Araguani and 100% Cocoa Mass, the bittersweet taste of chocolate has a velvety texture, gliding on your tongue and lingering. Let’s not forget that chocolate is an aphrodisiac…

The passion fruit curd symbolises the sourness of love. Made from fresh passion fruit puree, this flavour makes a strong impression with its tropical and refreshing taste, as the creamy texture of the curd melts on your tongue. Fruit lovers are sure to enjoy the tang from this macaron.

Like the spiciness of relationships, the Spicy Choc macaron is bound to spice up your taste buds. A milk chocolate filling with ground dried chilli, the macaron gives you a sweet start and finishes with a spicy aftertaste that simply sizzles on your tongue. This flavour is a must-try with its unique and unforgettable taste.

If macarons are not enough to satisfy your cravings, Valrhona Chocolate Tarts ($8/pc) are also available. Consisting of Valrhona Alpaco ganache, hazelnut cream, caramelized hazelnuts and candied orange, the tart is a delicious blend of flavours. The tart is topped with 2 heart-shaped macaron shells that are light and airy, complementing the nutty dessert with its sweetness.

Bored of going on a regular date over desserts? Why not try making them as a couple? The owner of Bonheur Patisserie, Lin, believes in the importance of spreading the knowledge of desserts to his customers. As such, in this special occasion, the patisserie is offering Valentine’s Day Macaroon Classes, where you can make your own macaroons and present them to your partner or friends. The 3-hour class costs $80 per person, with a demo session, hands-on making session, recipes, and a box of macaroons to take home.

Address: 70 Duxton Road
Telephone: 6221 1148
Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 10am – 8pm
Rating: 4/5
Price Rating: $-$$

  • Desserts are available upon request after Valentine’s Day
  • Macarons available in box sets (18 pcs)
    • Regular macarons ($45)
    • Heart-shaped macarons ($55)
  • To ensure availability, order at least 2 days in advance either by calling 62211148/92216636, or email weixian@bonheurpatisserie.com.sg.
  • Valentine’s Day Macaroon Classes are available on 10 Feb, 11 Feb, 12 Feb, or upon request. As slots are filling up fast, please call or email to secure a place.


For the Honeymoon Couple ~ Canelé Patisserie

For the couple madly in love, you may want to treat your partner to a luxurious date by indulging in Canelé Patisserie’s French delicacies while enjoying the city lights by your window seats. Inspired by the romantic theme of Valentine’s Day, you will find delight in their array of white, pink and red heart-shaped delicacies.

Under the skillful hands of Chef Christophe Grilo, an international culinary star, a different rendition of Canelé’s signature dessert, Love & Lace ($38) is born. Incorporating a fruity flavour by using raspberry framboise instead of rum, the dessert takes a shift in taste to suit the fancy of younger audiences with a sweet tooth.

Within the intricate appearance of the chocolate lace heart lies 9 handmade raspberry framboise truffles. Let the mild sweetness of the white chocolate lace heart linger as you uncover the hidden medallions of truffles within it. Dusted with raspberry powder, the truffles tickle your taste buds with its sour coating while you savour the richness of chocolate as it melts in your mouth. The entire experience results in a refreshing coordination of flavours.

Instead of an average rose, take a cue from the French by presenting your loved one with a love apple. Taking their spin on the traditional love apples in France, Canelé’s Pomme L’Amour ($8.50) is a glazed cake with apple caramel compote, mascarpone manjana & roasted apple mousse. Each of these is carefully layered, with precious gold flakes intricately set in place.

For something easier on the pocket but doesn’t compromise on taste and quality, try Litchi et Framboise ($3/pc), a white chocolate lychee framboise praline heart. The glossy red exterior of white chocolate is crunchy, as it reveals a chewier centre of its soft lychee filling.

Address: 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House #05-21
Telephone: 6735 5855
Opening hours: Mon- Sun, 11am – 10pm
Rating: 5/5
Price Rating: $-$$$

  • Available until Valentine’s Day, or while stocks last
  • For large orders, please call in advance to ensure availability
  • For other outlets, please refer to their website

For the Romantic Couple ~ 1 Caramel Patisserie

If a romantic ambience for your Valentine’s rendezvous is what you are looking for, take a walk to 1 Caramel Patisserie. The desserts are mostly served on the second floor, where cosy seats are available. If you would prefer a more idyllic setting, you may request to be seated al fresco among the gardens to enjoy the cool breeze.

Share spoonfuls of pure delish with your partner as you dig in on the patisserie’s Valentine’s Day dessert set. An Affair with Valrhona ($15) features 3 chocolate desserts with complementing sauces, each with their own unique tastes.

The set’s Dark Chocolate Mint Sorbet is a good place to start, as it may melt quite quickly. Containing 70% of Valrhona chocolate, the sorbet is not too sweet and will likely appeal to the taste buds of chocolate lovers. The sorbet is velvety and rich, with a refreshing zest of mint. Sprinkled with mocha crumble, the aroma of coffee complements the dessert.

Follow up on the sorbet with Milk Chocolate Earl Grey Blanc Manger. Containing 55% of Valrhona chocolate, the mild sweetness of the Blanc Manger is coupled with the underlying taste of milk tea, which slowly surfaces after each spoonful. Just the right amount of Earl Grey was used such that it does not overpower the dessert and instead, complements it perfectly. The vanilla cream sauce drizzled on the dessert also adds a fragrance to it.

Finish with the White Chocolate Mousse, savouring its sweet and milky flavour. The 35% Valrhona chocolate mousse is soft and fluffy, while the coconut daquoise base provides a contrasting texture. Made with a layer of lime curd within, the mousse contains a light refreshing taste. Coupled with the sweet and sour passion fruit compote, the chocolaty dessert is given a tropical twist.

Photos courtesy of Bonheur Patisserie, Chloe Pek, Tan Choon Rui, Samuel Ow from Klix Photography.

Address: 1 Rochester Park, Level 2
Telephone: 6774 1302
Opening hours:

  • Sun – Thurs, 10.30am – 11.30pm
  • Fri – Sat & Eve of PH, 10.30am – 1.30am

Rating: 4.5/5
Price Rating: $$-$$$

  • An Affair with Valrhona” is also available in One Rochester’s Valentine’s Day Set Dinner ($110++ per person).


Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Be it with your friends, family, or partners, UrbanWire hopes you enjoy a lovely date this Valentine’s Day.