They say Love is the strongest and deepest element in life. Well, if you still haven’t decided on where to wine and dine your date this Valentine’s Day, UrbanWire has taken the liberty to add that extra poetic touch to narrow all of them down to 3 of the classical elements: Water, Earth, and Air.

Now all that’s left for you and your date to do is to hook on those diamond earrings, and shine up those leather shoes.

 Water: Sabio By The Sea

Nothing spells nautical glam in Singapore like Sentosa Cove does, and tucked in this intimate corner of Quayside Isle, alongside swanky docked yachts, is Spanish tapas bar and grill, Sabio By The Sea

Borne from the original Sabio at Duxton Hill since last December, Sabio By The Sea is fresh and vibrant, with a finely tuned marriage of traditional Spanish elements with contemporary art – perfect for the fun-loving and outgoing couple.

Inspired by the Spanish Mediterranean ambience, Sabio By The Sea features grilled seafood and meats from the Josper charcoal oven, specially flown in from Spain, imparting whatever’s popped into it with  a signature earthy flavour, and perfect drool-inducing crisp char marks.

The Espárrago ($18) is a medley of all things perfectly cooked. The grilled asparagus with paprika and sherry vinaigrette is sweet and tangy, and is topped with a generous serving of thinly sliced serano ham shavings, with a soft poached egg with molten yellow in between.

If your date and you aren’t fans of seafood, the La Carne ($39) is sure to satisfy. Forget skinny cuts of steak drowning in undifferentiated black pepper sauce or mushroom gravy—instead, expect a generously thick 300g of rib eye grilled medium rare, served with a side of Salsa de Tomate Picante.

Also perfect to have while you’re enjoying the sea breeze is a popular diner’s favourite- the El Pulpo ($19). Grilled octopus leg plated atop purple “Viola” mash potato is drizzled with paprika sauce and a squeeze of lemon juice. The octopus barely escapes being tough and chewy, but the texture of the sweet-savoury creamy mash is a delight.

But if you want to cut straight to the chase, then bring on the paella. Sabio By The Sea has a small variety of the rice dish synonymous with Spain, and perfect for this season of love, these are strictly for sharing. A serving for 2 to 3 people costs $25, while a bigger portion for a table of 3 to 4 people costs $43. UrbanWire tried the Paella de Pescado, and the only thing you could pick at is perhaps too big a portion of seafood: squid, mussels, clams, shrimps, and sea bass totally dominated the dish. A happy problem for all but those with cholesterol issues and tiny appetites.

End the date on a sweet note with Churros and a chocolate sauce dip ($11), Spain’s answer to soft American pretzels and doughnuts. The crunchy fried dough snack is rolled over with sugar and cinnamon and has a noticeably crispy outside that bites away to reveal a soft chewy inside.

Photos courtesy of Noel Teo and Deliciae Hospitality Management

Our favourite at Sabio By The Sea is the Espuma de turron ($9), a Spanish nougat mousse dessert. Served in a classy cocktail glass, it is a nougat and caramel fan’s dream. Molten caramel nougat at the base of the glass is followed by a scoop of nougat ice cream, and finally finished with whipped nougat and dusted with caramel bits to top. Don’t be afraid of getting a cavity, though; this dessert is surprisingly light and ends the meal on a perfect note.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day (and Chinese New Year), Sabio By The Sea is currently promoting 1-for-1 glasses of Sangria through the month of February.

Address: 31 Ocean Way, Quayside Isle, #01-02
Tel: 6690 7568

Opening hours:

  • Mondays to Thursdays 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Fridays 12 pm to 12 am
  • Saturdays 12 pm to 12 am
  • Sundays 10.30 am to 10 pm

Price rating: $-$$$$$


Earth: Graze

Old-school romantics may prefer to steal away from the urban landscapes to the charming black and white colonial bungalows of Rochester Park. There you’ll find Graze, a restaurant with a cosy and romantic ambience that serves contemporary Australian cuisine.

Photos courtesy of Graze

You can choose to dine with your date in the alfresco lounge surrounded by fresh foliage and water features, while soaking in the old Hollywood romance while the outdoor screen plays vintage classics. But if air-conditioning will better preserve your date’s expensive hairdo, then head on inside to almost farmhouse-styled furnishings, with plenty of conversational pieces for company.

Graze’s chef Timothy Maudson, who has worked as a head chef in South Coast at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, has crafted an exquisite 4-course Valentine’s Day set menu at $88++ for lovers, featuring 2 or more choices for each course to tickle your collective fancy.

For the amuse-bouche, or appetizer, UrbanWire had the scallop as we sipped on our glass of complimentary champagne (included in the set menu). Graze flaunts their mastery of a seared scallop plated with yarra valley salmon caviar, and, like a pretty bow to wrap up the dish, a white chocolate foam drizzled over that complements it beautifully with a romantic twist.

Moving on to the entrée—we had a taste of 2 of the choices offered. First up was beetroot with crushed black olives, port-soaked muscatel, and feta cheese crumbled over. While it’s an acquired taste, adventurous diners will rejoice with the variety of beetroots in this earthy dish.

Native to Australia is the angasi oyster, which we had in ginger wine emulsion with fresh almonds and samphire, a sea asparagus grown on the Australian coast. Smoked gently with burnt hay, this dish boasts tart and nutty flavours, marrying land and sea—just like how opposites attract.

Hold yourself from digging in mercilessly if you decide to pick the BBQ rib eye steak as your main course. As if the tender and juicy red meat with fennel and jus vinaigrette isn’t enough, Graze further indulges you with a lovely creamed polenta and foie gras, even thoughtfully adding a little sauce dish of rose salt for this special occasion. To show your readiness to sacrifice for your love, at least offer your date a small bite!

Or you can try the Aubergine: an eggplant-filled ravioli drenched in burnt butter truffle veloute with wilted baby spinach and charred zucchini flowers. This buttery and light dish is a spin on the ravioli on their à la carte menu.

Finally, end off the dinner date with sweetness on your tongue. This summer pudding of bread soaked in wild berries and rose with a hint of liqueur will stimulate your tongue and palette- perfect, we think, to close off an elegant dinner and head off for drinks.

Alongside its Valentine’s Day set menu, Graze is also holding private dining at its intimate balcony space for 6 couples at $188 per person with a bottle of champagne. Private tables are running out fast, so if you have like minded friends you’d like to celebrate the night with, call to reserve a table pronto.

Address: 4 Rochester Park
Tel: 6775 9000

Opening hours:

  • Closed on Mondays
  • Breakfast/Brunch: Sunday – 9.30 am to 3 pm
  • Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday – 6.30 pm to Midnight
  • Lounge: Tuesday to Sunday – 6.30 pm to 1 am

Note: Closing hours: Extended to 2 am on Saturdays and eve of public holidays.

Price rating: $$-$$$$$


Air: The Chocolate Bar

Sweets for your sweet? What could be more romantic than indulging in the Food that gives you the same buzz as Love on the luxurious rooftop deck of Marina Bay Sands, overseeing the Infinity Pool spilling into the city’s skyline? The Chocolate Bar at The Club at Marina Bay Sands will tend to a chocoholic’s every desire—the perfect place to bring your date for desserts and drinks.

At $78++ per person, with complimentary roses for the ladies, be prepared to surrender yourselves to over 50 chocolate-based creations at this buffet. Come by with a sense of adventure, because Executive Pastry Chef, Ryan Witcher, pulls out all the stops at attempting to create layers of textures and flavours in each dessert.

Each serving is thoughtfully portioned out individually, or in dessert shooter glasses that give you room to fill your stomach with all 57 desserts (if only you can handle all that sweetness).

The Chocolate Bar has a few specially crafted desserts that they’ve been publicising. One of them is the Botanica, made to commemorate the opening of the Gardens by the Bay. It consists of Sicilian Sáble with fresh raspberries, and a White Chocolate-Marigold Whipped Ganache to top. This milky and flowery dessert will blossom in your mouth and have you heading for a second or third serving.

The Warm Marbled Chocolate Brioche is a great alternative for those who tend to avoid cloying cocoa treats. The bread, although rich, has a fluffy texture to it, the way good brioche breads should. Break off a chunk, then pop it in your mouth and allow yourself to be transported briefly to Cloud Nine—if your date hasn’t done that for you already!—as it slides down your throat so smoothly. For the extremely sweet-toothed, pair the bread with the various chocolate and jam spreads available, like Nutella and marmalade.

Photos courtesy of Marina Bay Sands

However, if you’re a chocolate connoisseur, then we ought to warn you that not all of the desserts live up to their swanky names. The 35% Ivory Chocolate Ganache didn’t taste as decadent as it sounded, neither did the Strawberry-Basil Truffle Pop.

But for a few of the lacklustre desserts, The Chocolate Bar more than makes up for it with an extravagant variety of pralines, ganaches, macarons and soufflés, and a breathtaking view with your date to make you both feel on top of the world. Literally.

Address: 10 Bayfront Avenue 57th Floor Sky Park
Tel: 6688 8858

Opening Hours:

  • Mondays to Sundays 8pm – midnight

Price Rating: $$$-$$$$