Meet Teddytorra, the founder of Abam Abam Trailer. Photo by Eason Pek

At one point in his life, trailer truck driver Mohd “Teddytora” Rozaily had 39 outstanding traffic summons, with fines exceeding $20,000. He also faced 44 warrants of arrest for parking outside the designated heavy vehicle parks. 

When his former company went bankrupt, Teddytora couldn’t settle the hefty fine and was placed in remand for a month, separated from his family and friends. It was a time in his life he called “hell”.

After this episode, the 33-year-old decided to form Abam Abam Trailer, a community of truck drivers dedicated to supporting one another, in 2013. The club now has about 100 members from Singapore and Malaysia. There’s also a sub-club called Abam Abam Van for van drivers.

Besides helping one another, Abam Abam Trailer also takes pride in organizing charity events. They sometimes help the less privileged with house moving. They also use their trucks to help jump start broken down vehicles.

To Teddytora, it’s important that he keeps doing good so that the public won’t see him and other truckers as “road hooligans” or troublemakers.

Watch this video to find out more about Teddytora, his work and the Abam Abam family.