David Sim of parenting blog Life’s Tiny Miracles recommends 3 categories of Father’s Day gifts – from the pricey to the priceless – for your consideration

Still scratching your head over Father’s Day gifts?

Mr David Sim, a 45-year-old father is here to help.

Back in 2007, Mr Sim’s wife Angie had a very risky pregnancy which almost cost her her life. But she was determined to carry the baby to term to complete their marriage. Thankfully, the couple’s first daughter arrived safely after they went through 9 years of childlessness and 3 child losses.

Now, Mr Sim and his wife are happy parents of an 8-year-old daughter and an adopted son. They are also are co-authors of parenting blog Life’s Tiny Miracles (lifestinymiracles.com), which was among the “Top 10 Most Popular Singapore Blogs” in 2015.

family photo
A happy family – Mr David Sim with his wife Angie, 8-year-old daughter and adopted son

Regardless of your spending power, you should be able to get some ideas from Mr Sim’s recommendations. Here’s his list of ideal presents for fathers – from the pricey to the priceless.


  1. Gadgets
  • Ebook reader such as Kindle or Nook – Help him read from cover to cover without the hassle.
  • Fitness watch such as Fitbit Blaze or Apple Watch – Give him a little push to get into better shape.
  • Portable massager – Help him unwind and relax wherever he is.
An e-reader, the kindle is more portable than a physical book

Be prepared to burn 3 holes in your pocket.


  1. Subscriptions
  • Music / Video streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify – Keep him entertained when you’re not with him.
  • Newspaper / magazine subscription – He already lives on a diet of news. Keep feeding him.
A provider of streaming films and television series, Netflix provides endless entertainment

Be prepared to burn 2 holes in your pocket.


  1. Time

Your father is busy. You’re busy. When you’re finally free, you might be spending more time on social media than socializing with people who matter. Come Father’s Day, have a quality conversation with your father. Show him that you’re respectful, obedient and have a good character, Mr Lim said.

Show him that “he’s brought you up well”, Mr Lim added. Make your father a proud father. And that’s the best gift you can offer – without burning a hole in your pocket at all.