Avengers Infinity War
Avengers: Infinity War (2018). Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios.

The wild success of the Avengers movie franchise has spawned many Marvel-themed traveling exhibitions. The latest, Marvel Studios: Ten Years of Heroes, is now staged at the ArtScience Museum from June to September.

As the Avengers gather here, The UrbanWire asked our readers to pick their favorite superhero and superpower. 

Here’s the verdict from 70 readers, aged 17 to 25.

Favourite Avengers

No.1: Spider-Man

Although Spider-Man is the new kid on the block(buster), he’s fast captured hearts and comes up tops with 21 per cent of our readers’ vote.

His endearing personality is a strong contributing factor. More importantly, he’s also instrumental in the rescue of Dr Strange from the bad guys in Avengers: Infinity War.

“Peter Parker is a relatable character,” said our reader Ms Nur Ashikin, 23. “He is someone who has experienced rejection and loneliness, making him relatable to teenagers. His alter ego Spider-Man has a superhero life outside of school helping people. It’s what we wish we could do.”

No.2: Thor and Scarlet Witch

Coming in at second place with a tie are Thor and Scarlet Witch.

Thor, the God of Thunder with a loyal hammer that only he can call upon and wield, gets 15.7 per cent of our readers’ votes. He’s well-liked for not just his astonishing strength, but also his great sense of humor.

Scarlet Witch, who also gets 15 per cent of the votes, is one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel fans revere her for her ability to alter reality. They also feel for her sacrifices for the sake of the team.

“As the most powerful mutant in the universe, Scarlet Witch represents the figure of a powerful woman, even more powerful than men,” said Ms Nooraini, a big fan Avengers. “That is something I like; that women can not only be as strong as men but could be even more powerful than them.”

And whose superpower would our readers like to have?

Super Ability

No.1: Dr Strange

Doctor Strange is a sorcerer who’s skilled at teleportation, time travel and reality manipulation. Almost 30 per cent of our respondents want to have his powers.

“I want to travel to the future to see what kind of mistakes I would probably make and I want to change it because if you want to change the world, it has to start from you,” Ms Ashikin said.

No. 2: Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch comes in second with 22 per cent of the votes.

But for Ms Nooraini, her dream is to have Shuri’s artistic and technical whiz. The sister of Black Panther is the one in charge of the Wakanda Design Group and is responsible for innovating and creating much of Wakanda’s modern technology.

“She’s the smartest human. With knowledge like hers, there is so much I can do to improve the world,” said Ms Nooraini.

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